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Pirate Games: The KT-Super 90 in 1


KT-Super 90 in 1

KT-Super 90 in 1

I picked this Game Boy cartridge up from Sao Paulo Brazil. I’ve got quite the little collection of pirated GB games now most of which are from Brasil.

This particular GB cart says it has 90 games in 1, but really it’s just 7 in 1. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get with one of these carts. I’m not sure why exactly I’m so intrigued with these old pirated carts, maybe because we didn’t have them in the US. But I like them and continue to enjoy them very much.

KT-Super 90 in 1

KT-Super 90 in 1 contains 7 games. They are…

1. All Star Challenge
2. Battletoads
3. Battle City
4. Burai Fighter
5. Duck Tales
6. The Punisher
7. Trump Boy

My top 3 games from this cartridge would have to be Battletoads, Duck Tales, and The Punisher. I’m very aware of Duck Tales and Battletoads, but the Punisher was a nice little surprise. I hadn’t played that game before and it’s actually a lot of fun.


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