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20XX Gameplay: Stonetemple Skycity

We’re playing through the beta of the Mega Man roguelike game, 20XX. Here is one of the generated levels of Stonetemple Skycity.

Warhammer 40K: Regicide tutorial gameplay

We go beyond chess with Warhammer 40K Regicide and we start with the quick tutorial which gives you the basics on movement and actions for the game.

March of War PC Gameplay

  We play March of War the Free-to-Play turn base strategy game set in an alternative world. The year is 1947. The world lies ravaged by war. Align yourself with one of six warring factions and fight for global domination in a world where borders ...

First Steps: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 1 Gameplay

  We go back and play the first thirty minutes of the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

First Steps: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay

  We play through the very beginnings of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Velocity 2X Gameplay

  We go light speed as bring you gameplay of a unique top-down vertical shooter and a side-scrolling platformer from FuturLab and Sierra. Check out the first 9 levels of Velocity 2X as J.A. Laraque tries to see if his twitch skills are still up to ...

First Steps: Celestian Tales: Old North Gameplay

  We went Beyond the game trailer of Celestian Tales: Old North and talked with producer, Cipto Adiguno now check out the first fifteen minutes of the game in our gameplay theater.

Fractured Space Gameplay

We head into deep space to get blown to bits in Fractured Space.

Inferno 2 PC Gameplay

  Check out some gameplay footage from the retro inspired shooter, Inferno 2. Released by Radiangames it features 80 levels of gameplay where you explorer and fight your way through a maze of enemies and barriers to the end of each map. Along the ...

Badass Inc. Gameplay

  We love retro inspired games and Badass Inc. is right up our alley so when we got a look at this game we had to try out the demo. If you played any of the old school action/adventure side-scrolling games especially with a sci-fi or cyber-punk feel ...

Caffeine: AVCon 2015 Demo Gameplay

  We got our hands on the AVCon 2015 playable demo of Caffeine and took it out for a spin. In Caffeine you awaken aboard a caffeine mining space station to find yourself, a young boy seemingly all alone. The only thing you know for sure? Something ...

First Look: Skyhill

We take a first look at Skyhill where your goal is to stay alive and make your way out of a hotel infested with horrible mutants and terrible creatures created after a biological attack. Find weapons, food and medical supplies and create new items and ...

Alpages: The Five Books (Early Alpha Gameplay)

  In Alpages: The Five Books you are alone in a dark and scary countryside searching for five magical books, however as you find each book you unleash a supernatural horror that hunts you down and tries to kill you. In this early Alpha watch me stumble ...

Beyond the Game Trailer: A Quiver of Crows

  We go beyond the game trailer of A Quiver of Crows, a very cool and interesting looking twin-stick shooter by indie developer, Shedo.net. We talk with lead developer Chad Ata and lead artist Danny Ata about what players can expect when they step ...