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Takedown movie poster

Takedown Movie Review

Takedown movie poster Takedown movie review Although there is another movie called Freedom Downtime about Kevin Mitnick, which is a lot more true to his real story, Takedown, to me, is the most exciting hacker movie yet made. The movie is about two friends, ...
Tron original poster

TRON Movie Review

Tron original poster TRON movie review “Greetings program!” What’s really going on? The movie is about a company that’s being secretly run by an A.I. which eats other programs and keeps gaining functions and intelligence. Even ...
Micro Men movie

Micro Men movie review

Micro Men movie Micro Men movie review Micro Men is a movie about two rival men and their companies, taking place between about 1978 to 1985 (in the course of the film). The two main characters are Clive Sinclair, played by Alexander Armstrong, and Chris ...