Heavy Rain

 Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain poster
Heavy Rain poster

One Sentence Review:
“One hell of an interactive movie”

Overall score:
9.0 out of 10


The game is basically an interactive movie, where you guide the character through events by pressing different buttons or a combination of buttons in order to progress in the story line.

The game starts off with Ethan Mars, a loving husband and father of two boys. On the birthday of his eldest son Jason, Ethan loses track of him in a busy mall. He finds his son outside in the middle of the street, seconds away from being hit by an oncoming car. Ethan jumps in an attempt to save him, but Jason is killed, and Ethan falls into a coma for six months. Two years later, Ethan suffers from depression. He and his wife had separated, and his remaining son, Shaun, is distant toward him.

Ethan also suffers from blackouts, in which he finds himself waking up in a street corner with an origami figure in his hand. One day, while at the park with his son Shaun, Ethan has a blackout, and wakes up to discover his son is missing.

Shaun’s dissapearance is linked to the Origami Killer, who is known for abducting young boys between the ages of 9 and 13 and drowning them in rainwater. Their bodies are found in the wastelands, with an orchid on their chest and a origami figure in their hand. With only a few days until the rain level rises, Ethan has to find and rescue his son before he is killed.

You also take the role of three other characters who’s stories also interwine with Ethan and the Origami Killer:

Scott Shelby: A private detective investigating the origami murders.
Madison Paige: A journalist suffering from insomnia who crosses paths with Ethan Mars.
Norman Jayden: An FBI agent addicted to Triptocaine, who is also investigating the origami murders.


Fun Factor:

You have the power to alter the outcome of each senario in multipule ways. It all depends on what you say and what you chose to do. Of course, this game will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what happens next.


There is no difficulty in the game. The thing I like about this game is that there is no fail, there is no Game Over. No matter what choices you make, whether it’s right or wrong, the story continues, and its characters move on.



Very high. Like I said earlier, you have the power to alter the outcome of every senario in multiple ways. So it’s always fun to replay the game and make different choices to see what happens.

8 out of 10. Overall sound effects are great, but sometimes its hard to hear what the characters say, especially for Jayden.


10 out of 10. Awesome. Amazing graphics. This is the only game I’ve seen so far where the characters and the surroundings look so real.


8 out of 10. It very easy to move the character around to interact. During cut-scenes, which is like 90% of the game, you have to press certain buttons or a combination of buttons depending on the situation you’re in. Usually it’s X, O, triangle and square, or moving the joystick in different directions… but some combinations are hard getting used to, especially when you’re given a certain amount of time to do it. It’s sometimes hard to see what the character is thinking, especially when they are jittery and nervous, so you’ll often find yourself pressing the wrong button.



A very original and innovative game. A must have, or to at least experience for any PS3 owner.

Snowboard Kids 2

Snowboard Kids 2 Cover
Snowboard Kids 2 Cover

Snowboard Kids 2 review by metalfighterriku

Overall score:
7.5 out of 10


Snowboard Kids 2 is a fun party racing, mario-kart-style game, with a cute story mode and tons of cool options like unlockable boards, costumes, and characters.

The storyline for SBK2 is simple: Some stupid bratty green demon kid named Damien is wrecking havoc around Snow Town, and it’s up to a bunch of snowboarding 10-year olds to stop him!

SBK2 hosts the same cast of characters as the original, such as Slash, Jam, Linda, Tommy, and Nancy, but also adds a few new characters like Wendy and Damien. Each character has different attributes: speed, trick, and all-around, giving them advantages or disadvantages in certain courses and even boss stages.

The game consists of racing through 12 crazy courses, taking snowboarding off the slopes and into jungles, houses, and even outer space! In story mode, you occasionally run into a boss stage, where you race against or battle a boss character to keep it from reaching the finish line.

There’s also a variety of cool items, power-ups and weapons to use throughout the courses. There’s fan propeller that speeds you up, and a rocket that shoots you super fast for a short period of time. Some weapons send your opponent tumbling over, like the bomb and the glove, while others can immobilize your opponent for a few seconds, like the frying pan that flatens everyone and the parachute bomb that suspends a character in midair.

In order to use weapons and items you need money to purchase them. You can get money by collecting coins that are scattered around the course or by doing tricks. There’s also an item you can use to steal money from your opponents, but can be really annoying when used against you.

The story mode let’s you walk around Snow Town, which is basically a small strip of random buildings. There’s a board shop where you can purchase new boards using the money you acquire from racing the course. There’s also a schoolhouse, where you can change your character, an internet cafe, where you can view all the characters, course, boards, and songs you’ve unlocked, and there’s even a paint shop, where you can change the design on your board.

Snowboard Kids 2 is available for N64 or its emulators.

Fun Factor:

Its super cuteness, bright colorful cute big-nosed characters, and simple cartoon-style party racing gameplay is what makes this game fun to play!


The game is simple but can be quite challenging when a massacre of items and weapons are being used against you. The boss fights in story mode can be difficult and sometimes annoying, especially when they scatter debris for you to trip over. Some characters use special boards in certain stages, making it difficult to pas them without the aid of a special board. After beating story mode, it gives you the option to play it on expert. I found the dinosaur in Crazy Jungle to be extremely difficult in normal mode, even with the dragon board, so I imagine on expert it is probably impossible.


Very high. I played this game over countless times because its a simple racing game with not much thinking to it.


8 out of 10. One of the things I love about SBK2 is the music. All of the course tracks are catchy and fun to listen to. Some of my favorites are Jingle Town, Linda’s Castle, and Turtle Island. There’s even a channel in Wendy’s Internet Cafe, in story mode, that let’s you listen to all these wonderful tracks!


7 out of 10.  For its time, SBK2 had awesome graphics. The characters were a bit polygonal but cute, smooth, and colorful. The background enviroments looked flat, but everything else was nicely done like the buildings and the water. One stage had flying fish and there was even a stage where you snowboard on a giant piano that made sounds when you jumped on it. Really cool!


The controls were very easy to understand. You start off a bit slow but then pick it up quickly. Speed characters are more difficult to maneuver than trick and all-around type characters. Doing tricks was also very easy to do, depending on which direction you have the joystick when holding down and letting go of the A-button lets you do different tricks.


If you’re into racing games like Mario-Kart and Diddy Kong Racing and aren’t really big on graphics, but love cute looking characters in cartoony environments, then you should check this game out!