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Split/Second: Out With A Bang Ep 12 Airplane Graveyard Air Revenge

Here is an Air Revenge event in Airplane Graveyard for Episode 12 Out With A Bang in the game Split/Second.
World of Tanks

World of Tanks: A-43 I Died With Honor

In this World of Tanks match, I ended defending the eastern flank nearly alone in my A-43 tier 6 USSR medium tank.
world of warplanes

World of Warplanes: First Battle In The New Arsenal VB 10 (Ace)

In my first battle in the new Arsenal VB 10 tier 7 French Heavy Fighter we can see how overpowered the plane is. It literally shatters most enemies quickly and has enough boost to boost across the entire map in one burst. The VB 10 was earned via the ...

Riff Racer: Eric Clapton – It’s In The Way That You Use It

Riff Racer (Drive Any Track) is a game similar to Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that lets you play with your music. It creates a track based on a song from your music library. In this video I race to It’s In The Way That You Use It by Eric Clapton. ...
world of warplanes

World of Warplanes: NC 1070 8 Kill Clostermann’s Medal

A little fun with the very capable NC 1070.

Switchcars: Made It To 1980

In this insane game to go as fast as possible before the clock catches up, I made it from 1950 to 1980 before getting run over.
student loan debt

Pay your student loan debt or show your sexy body

We all have trouble with debt at one time or another and many of us with student debt. Not paying can mean fee’s and lower credit scores, but in China it can mean sexy photos of you get sent to your parents and released on the internet.

Let’s Play Space Hulk Deathwing: Episode 4 Multiplayer

In this Let’s Play, Hector, Bruce, Ray, and I are doing Episode 4 on Normal for Space Hulk: Deathwing. This was our second attempt to do this mission.

Screw your Toblerone gift basket

J.A. tells us the story of inviting a family into his home and being royally screwed in the gift receiving department.
world of tanks

World of Tanks: 8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger The Desert Fox Would Be Proud

Staying hull down most of the time, I manage to get 4 kills in this desert map with my trusty tier 8 German TD.
sexy world of warcraft

Does Blizzard know about this?

While searching for Christmas gifts on Amazon we came across this strange World of Warcraft item. Perfect for the fan who really likes to sleep with his face in the pillow.
world of warplanes

World of Warplanes: Bulldog, 10 Out of 10 Enemies Killed, Perfect Game

In this match I kill every single enemy plane using my tier 2 British fighter, the Bulldog.

You don’t get the show #16: The Holidays Gamer Style

In our last show for 2016 was talk about the joy and anger that can come with the holidays when you receive bad gives especially when you are a gamer. How many times have you received a bad game or a knock-off or no game at all? We also recap 2016 which ...

Warframe: Dark Sector Malva Infestation Survival

We continue our Warframe adventure with Dark Sector Malva Infestation Survival. 

World of Tanks: 105 leFH18B2 Not Bad For A Rusty Arty

I haven’t played arty in the past 6 months. Here are the results! 🙂

J.A. Plays Call of Duty Infinite Warfare badly: Part 2 – Fleet week always sucks

This always happens when you have a military surplus.