The Obsolete Gamer Show: Triforce Johnson (Twin Galaxies 35th Anniversary)

The historic Twin Galaxies arcade celebrated its 35th anniversary as hundreds of gamers attended the event in Ottumwa, Iowa to pay tribute to whom many call the father of competitive gaming, founder, Walter Day. We welcome Triforce Johnson back to the show to talk about the history of Twin Galaxies and its importance in video game history.

World of Warplanes: J7W1 Shinden, Down But Not Out 8 Kills 3733 Base XP

You know it’s bad when you’re down a lot of planes and you’re in an airplane made out of paper. I managed to get 8 kills and win by prioritizing the right targets and staying out of harm’s way unless necessary.

Riff Racer: Swing Feat. Dr. Alban – Sweet Dreams

Riff Racer (Drive Any Track) is a game similar to Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that lets you play with your music. It creates a track based on a song from your music library.

In this video I race to Sweet Dreans by Swing featuring Dr. Alban. It’s a 3 star difficulty track. I was using the car Monaco.

You don’t get the show #14: Genital Removal, Risque IOUs and Black Friday Stories

We have Ubisoft removing female genitalia from Watch Dogs 2, DOAX3 DLC featuring tear away swimsuits, a Chinese online student loan company that uses nude pics as IOU’s and a whole lot more in a packed pre-Thanksgiving pre-Black Friday show.

World of Warplanes: SE 100 Awesome New Premium French Heavy

The SE 100 is a new French premium Heavy Fighter. It handles slightly worse than the P-38F but it is a premium and with its 4 x 20mm cannons it does hit pretty hard.

Zombies, School Girls and a Black Guy

We take a look at the Japanese shooter, School Girl Zombie Hunter where apparently damage leads to underwear modeling. From there we delve into the age-old discussion about how minorities never seem to survive horror movies.

World of Warplanes: AD 10C2 These French Crimson Skies (Ace)

Here we have my first battle with the new tier 5 French fighter premium plane AD 10C2. It has a rear gunner which is not too common for a fighter. The AD 10C2 turns really well and shreds planes at short range. It looks a LOT like a plane from the game Crimson Skies!

Tyranny: Part 1 Character Creation 11 10 2016 18 04 42 09

Here is the first part of my normal difficulty playthrough for Tyranny, the RPG where you get to be the secret enforcer for a global dictator in a fantasy settings. This shows character creation.

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: Westland P.1056 Don’t Mess With Pignose

In this game with my buddy Blarf, we can see how great the tier 8 British Heavy Fighter Westland P.1056 is while I talk nonsense about Crispin Glover and his Clowny Clown Clown video.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Afterbirth) – Eve Halloween 2016 Challenge

I got to play as Eve for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Afterbirth)’s Halloween 2016 Challenge. 🙂 I was using a Steam Controller to play.

Heavy Metal Machines: Wildfire Original vs Bots 3-0

Here is footage from beta gameplay for Heavy Metal Machines. Think of it as a spiritual successor of Rock N Roll Racing mixed with RC Pro AM, Twisted Metal, Badlands, and Auto Assault.

In this match I was racing against bots using Wildfire.

Riff Racer (Drive Any Track): Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero (141648 points)

I played this song at the request of one of our friends from Google+, Jihuan Pulliam. It was a great suggestion especially since this track was very difficult! In this video I race to Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. I wasn’t able to beat the world record on this one. I have no idea how they got that score other than racing perfectly. 😮 This is a 3 star difficulty track.

Drive Any Track is a game similar to Beat Hazard and Audiosurf that let’s you play with your music. It creates a track based on a song from your music library.

Track was played using the car Inferno.

You don’t get the show #13: Infinite Failure

We start the show discussing inappropriate place you might decide to do some gaming like a wedding or a funeral or the bathroom which people seem to think is just great.

Then we dive into our main story, the Epic fail of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare with its PC port splitting its playerbase between Steam gamers and those who purchased the game from the Microsoft Store leading to lackluster player numbers on both platforms.

Finally, with one day before the 2016 election we call for gamers to get out and vote.

You don’t get the show #12: Mistakes were made

J.A. and Randy tackle the fallout over the Hello Games tweet stating that No Man’s Sky was a mistake and how there needs to be a filter to keep people from making problems for themselves between their brain and their keyboards. J.A. update us on his World of Warcraft addition and Randy tells us about the wonders of anesthesia.

World of Warplanes: Ki-94-II – What A Killing Machine!

This is the tier 8 Japanese fighter, the Ki-94-II and it is a superb medium altitude killing machine. I was running it without the best engine and with just the 4 x 20mm cannons.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2: Championship II Single Train 2256480 Points

In Pac-Man Championships Edition 2, I was doing Championship II Single Train and scored 2256480 Points. 🙂