Question of the Week : Today is a birthday. What are you going to get them?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is Today is a birthday. What are you going to get them?

Mamma Jamma

Some stickle bricks – my cousins little boy just been playing with some they’re fab!

Interview with the bastard

64 slices of american cheese


a mr men book.
the book depends on the person.


A Chopper, but only if they break the rules and let me ride on the back


A babysitter and some tickets for a show…..
A babysitter to sit the kids thats is! not … oh you know what I mean…

Thats what I’d like for my birthday anyway , a night off and to go and see something in a proper theatre,, and I like the idea of giving something to someone hat i’d like aswell.


I would buy lego, a big box of lego


What the heck more could I give them…they have the best pressie of all…life!


I’d buy a limited edition weeble that wobbles and falls down.


I wouldd buy them a life sized replica of Nicolas Cage so they could re-enact a pletera of his brilliant films.

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Question of the Week : What three wishes do you make, and why?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is What three wishes do you make, and why?


1.) I'd have my haemophilia cured – Because it's a real pain in the ass giving yourself injections a few times a week
2.) I'd have my body repaired – Trouble with the above means some of my joints are like that of a 50+ person, I'd have the clock turned back to my real age of 24.
3.) I'd have plenty of money thrown into my bank account – A life any money concerns at all sounds like a nice life to me.


1 more wishes
2 a million pound house including utilities fotr life
3 a skate park designed by jon julio for me and him only to skate


These are far out there…but wouldn't it be nice?

Today, at this moment in time…
#1 – A cure for cancer
#2 – An end to racism
#3 – The restoration of my mother's health

Mamma Jamma

Well where do I start……….

1) Have enough money in the bank to retire early and live a comfortable lifestyle
2) Never be stressed and have high blood pressure again – I'm only 24
3) After the above 2 wished had been granted enjoy my life.


1. I would like an alternate universe created where I am rich but absolutely nothing else is changed.
2. I would like to be transported to the alternate universe created in wish one when wish three is asked for, I should replace my alternate self.
3. "I wish you would not grant me this wish."


Well im just selfish –
1) A never ending supply of money in the bank.
2) To be happy
3) a batman cape.


– To never have to lose a loved one
– Endless money, selfish but it wouldnt only be used for selfish needs
– To be rubbed out and drawn again (Im feeling old and my health worries me at times)


End world hunger.
Get some world peace going on.
Maybe a nice bath of marshmallows too!


1) The Power of Invisibilty.
2) Immortality so I can look smug at funerals
3) The power to make people do whatever I tell them to do, but incorporate a bastardiized version Asimov's 3 robot laws just in case I get drunk and accidently tell the some bloke to "blow me"


1). Obscene amounts of cash!!!!
2). A stop to all the needles killing in the world!
3). Bring back capital punishment and stop all this outrageous PC brigade bullshit!!!!


Wish 1: Never to have to go the toilet again (it's such a waste of valuable time, especially at gigs)
Wish 2: To be able to start and leave work as and when I see fit
Wish 3: That all people who wear mullet style hair cuts 'a la Hoxton' should have their balls cut off


1) To know what I want from life.
2) To have the determination to go get it.
3) to be a huge success

El Flamingo

1. I wish i hadn't allowed THAT MAN to double glaze my entire house including the contents of my fridge
2. I wish i had a giant bumblebee who would take me places at the dead of night… like Basingstoke. and it would be a secret and no one would know.
3. I wish i were slightly deaf

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Big Brother 2008 Launch Show chat

To celebrate the launch of Big Brother 2008, the re-launch of ObscureInternet chat room and the fact we have nothing better to do on a Thursday night, we had a little chat room session while the latest edition of this year must not watch bubble gum TV show launched.

The shows starts and after some waffle from Davina, the housemates arrive. First out we have the shows first real-life couple: Lisa and Mario, from Warrington. Mario, 42, says he and lover Lisa have sex every day, he is is a gym buff and his real name is Shaun. Mum-of-one Lisa told the programme makers that the most significant event in her life was when Mario pawned his Rolex to buy her “a boob job” and thinks she is a lookalike for Xena Warrior Princess

(9:14:42 PM) Scribbler: well, there's your first one
(9:14:43 PM) mamma: how big is his chin?
(9:14:58 PM) Scribbler: he's got a coulthard head
(9:15:16 PM) spoofpig: loads of attention off females? did he win the bingo?
(9:15:59 PM) Scribbler: Is it all pairs or something?
(9:16:22 PM) c64glen: looks like
(9:16:21 PM) spoofpig:
id love a pokey bum wank off her i know that
(9:16:40 PM) spoofpig: the bloke in the wheelchair off family guy
(9:17:55 PM) Scribbler: nah, more like quagmire
(9:18:06 PM) mamma: giggty giggty
(9:18:09 PM) spoofpig: giggy giggty

Next in is Politics student Luke, 20, from Wigan, who doesn’t drink or swear and works as a wrestling referee.

(9:18:06 PM) Scribbler: oh, for fuck's sake
(9:18:12 PM) c64glen: twat
(9:18:15 PM) c64glen: Luke that is
(9:18:29 PM) mamma: oh my god its a drip in a suit
(9:18:46 PM) c64glen: an unfunny Lee Evans
(9:19:02 PM) c64glen: can they boo him please
(9:19:13 PM) mamma: i think they might
(9:19:16 PM) Scribbler: jesus. If he flapped his ears, he'd take off
(9:19:22 PM) mamma: ha ha ha ha
(9:19:49 PM) c64glen: Boo more…
(9:20:00 PM) c64glen: this crowd is too nice
(9:20:13 PM) c64glen: they should spit and throw stuff
(9:20:18 PM) spoofpig: what's worse the people going in or the people traveling hundreds of miles to boo them
(9:20:28 PM) c64glen: sounds like fun
(9:20:28 PM) mamma: do they not usually get worse as they night goes on
(9:20:44 PM) c64glen: what a twat, he did a hulk hogan at the end…
(9:20:57 PM) Scribbler: "well, I did not have a heart attack"…. what a wanker
(9:21:09 PM) c64glen: oh, now he's narrating. I hate that
(9:21:51 PM) Scribbler: At least there's been no screamers like those fucking annoying tossers last year… the twins

Next to enter is Stephanie, 19. Who states 'I want to be the most famous contestant ever." and rates herself a 10 for looks.

(9:22:07 PM) Scribbler: 10 for blowjobs
(9:22:10 PM) Scribbler: lol..
(9:22:13 PM) c64glen: oh, another vain bird
(9:22:57 PM) c64glen: yawn, a wannabe pop star
(9:22:59 PM) dawnylou: hey all πŸ™‚
(9:23:07 PM) c64glen: BOOOOOOOO
(9:23:11 PM) c64glen: they'll hate her
(9:23:16 PM) c64glen: they hate the women
(9:23:20 PM) spoofpig: she nice though
(9:23:30 PM) mamma: dumb bint just went the wrong way
(9:23:33 PM) Scribbler: The most significant moment is her birth….
(9:23:43 PM) c64glen: she's pretty
(9:24:06 PM) Scribbler: she's a no-hoper
(9:24:12 PM) c64glen: but haven't we been here before?
(9:24:11 PM) dawnylou:
oh i like her shoes!!!!
(9:24:22 PM) c64glen: those are 'fuck me' shoes
(9:24:47 PM) Scribbler: I bet those two get it together… dumbo and dumblonde
(9:25:09 PM) c64glen: wishes even, did you see the look on his face

The first four housemates Lisa, Mario, Luke and Stephanie are then summoned to the diary room.

(9:25:38 PM) c64glen: interesting, something's going to happen
(9:25:54 PM) c64glen: BB is gonna order them to gang bang…
(9:26:38 PM) c64glen: how sci-fi is that chair?
(9:26:54 PM) spoofpig: its just silver
(9:26:55 PM) dawnylou: how lush is the bedroom??
(9:27:11 PM) Scribbler: you must listen ve… *choke* very carefully
(9:27:13 PM) mamma: I really can't look at the guy with the chin
(9:27:22 PM) c64glen: another secret mission

Mario and Lisa were told to pretend they are not a couple by Big Brother. “Your relationship is about to come to the end. You will pretend you met for the first time tonight”. Then Mario and Stephanie were told they must pretend that they ARE an item — and Luke must back up their story and convince the other housemates.

(9:27:55 PM) c64glen: ah, a secret couple
(9:27:45 PM) spoofpig: his face is the same colour i want to paint the stairs
(9:28:12 PM) mamma: what have your stairs every done to you?
(9:28:33 PM) spoofpig: trip me over after several pints
(9:28:25 PM) c64glen:
oh, that's a nice twist…
(9:29:18 PM) spoofpig: the best way to convince them is to shag her rotten
(9:29:38 PM) Scribbler: heheh. That's awesome
(9:30:09 PM) c64glen: good plan spoof
(9:29:52 PM) dawnylou:
(9:30:28 PM) c64glen: he's 43 and she's 19? good luck with that
(9:30:57 PM) mamma: she's a bimbo and he's a steriod buff, its bound to work
(9:31:05 PM) spoofpig: but hes allready been on tv
(9:31:11 PM) spoofpig: in the cuprinol adverts
(9:31:17 PM) c64glen: the wife looks a devina and says 'she's not pregnant', it is a big shock

It's time for the advert, and then the show returns with Rachel a trainee teacher entering the house. She is a former Miss Wales runner-up and actress. She was in a Hugh Grant flick.

(9:36:08 PM) c64glen: oh god
(9:36:12 PM) c64glen: an airhair
(9:36:14 PM) spoofpig: squaky
(9:36:23 PM) c64glen: she's a trainee teacher?
(9:36:28 PM) spoofpig: sqeaky
(9:36:37 PM) mamma: i think she may be boo'ed
(9:36:42 PM) c64glen: yup
(9:36:54 PM) c64glen: she's cute like
(9:37:12 PM) Scribbler: yeah, she's nice
(9:37:20 PM) c64glen: I like a curvy girl
(9:37:25 PM) Scribbler: mouthy though
(9:37:28 PM) dawnylou: She reminds me of Nikki but less dramatic
(9:37:53 PM) c64glen: why are they getting out of the back of transit van?
(9:37:57 PM) spoofpig: bad thing
(9:38:20 PM) c64glen: what is?
(9:38:22 PM) Scribbler: they spent all of the budget on the house so they couldn't afford a limo
(9:38:35 PM) c64glen: hardly any boo's
(9:38:46 PM) c64glen: If she keeps quiet about Jesus, I might like her
(9:38:47 PM) mamma: I'm not liking the crowd
(9:38:48 PM) dawnylou: bingo wings ahoy though!
(9:38:55 PM) Scribbler: lol, I thought the same
(9:39:25 PM) c64glen: ok, she's likes the student coont
(9:39:37 PM) c64glen: that's a bad mark against her…
(9:39:44 PM) spoofpig: look at them teeth they mssive
(9:39:45 PM) Scribbler: she recognised him

The next entry is Dale who loves money, fame and "fit women with funny noses" he is a 21 year old PE teacher

(9:40:38 PM) c64glen: oh god, a pretty boy
(9:40:39 PM) Scribbler: sigh
(9:40:57 PM) c64glen: he's a massive twat
(9:41:40 PM) c64glen: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(9:41:51 PM) dawnylou: oh dont like him
(9:42:02 PM) mamma: they actually fookin like him
(9:42:08 PM) spoofpig: 10 out of 10
(9:42:32 PM) dawnylou: my arse
(9:42:49 PM) c64glen: do the crord not see the videos, or at least hear them?
(9:43:06 PM) c64glen: I hate this twat already
(9:43:09 PM) Scribbler: there's a big screen there
(9:43:13 PM) Scribbler: I would assume so
(9:43:26 PM) c64glen: he blanked the student
(9:43:29 PM) mamma: how funny his dimissed him
(9:43:44 PM) mamma: and he said he wasn't shallow
(9:44:08 PM) c64glen: aye

Next up is Sylvia Barrie, 21, who attends church on Sundays in South London and prays each night

(9:44:20 PM) Scribbler: oh I hate her
(9:44:24 PM) c64glen: ah, the token black women
(9:44:37 PM) spoofpig: charlie wannabe
(9:44:41 PM) mamma: she's very much like that charlie from last year
(9:44:49 PM) c64glen: another student!
(9:45:14 PM) Scribbler: she sounds like vicky pollard
(9:45:16 PM) c64glen: comparing anyone to Charlie is a bit harsh
(9:45:37 PM) mamma: give her a week, she'll prove me right
(9:45:39 PM) Scribbler: if she says "Wha' Evaaaaa", I might have to throw something at the telly
(9:45:39 PM) c64glen: BOooooooooooooooooooooOOO
(9:45:59 PM) c64glen: bah, Another Jesus lover
(9:46:31 PM) c64glen: she won't last long
(9:46:49 PM) spoofpig: she got a fat belly
(9:46:59 PM) mamma: thats harsh
(9:47:04 PM) c64glen: "Oh my god" annoying catchprase #1

Next up is dance teacher Dennis McHugh, 23, who says he loves showing off his moves and watching US comedy Will And Grace and has ’fabulous’ eyes.

(9:47:21 PM) c64glen: Token gay man
(9:47:31 PM) dawnylou: bleurgh
(9:47:42 PM) c64glen: sorry token foriegn game man
(9:47:59 PM) c64glen: Dennis the Penis? (predict the headline)
(9:48:27 PM) spoofpig: fat git
(9:48:35 PM) c64glen: get off fatty
(9:49:12 PM) c64glen: will have a breakdown before week 3
(9:50:40 PM) c64glen: how many is that so far?
(9:50:43 PM) c64glen: Eight
(9:50:54 PM) spoofpig: how many go in?
(9:51:01 PM) Scribbler: 16, was it?
(9:51:10 PM) spoofpig: i dinna

We have another advert break, this time with an advert for the new Scooter album.

(9:52:47 PM) Scribbler: Sweet! Scooter!
(9:53:00 PM) c64glen: scooter?
(9:53:24 PM) spoofpig: you a secret cheesy quaver scrib?
(9:53:36 PM) Scribbler: yeah πŸ™‚
(9:54:09 PM) spoofpig: powerhouse?
(9:54:09 PM) Scribbler: when I was on residential as a kid, the only CD anyone brought along was a scooter one
(9:54:25 PM) Scribbler: aye πŸ™‚
(9:54:27 PM) c64glen: Scooter have covered a Chris Huelsbeck track, but only I would be interested with that
(9:54:30 PM) Scribbler: had a load of powerhouse tapes
(9:54:41 PM) spoofpig: i use to go every friday
(9:54:53 PM) spoofpig: saw dream frequency there
(9:54:59 PM) spoofpig: mint

Davine is back on, and having problems with a fly down her top.

(9:55:09 PM) c64glen: lucky fly
(9:55:37 PM) Scribbler: yeah, he'd get a lovely view of the surgery marks πŸ˜›
(9:55:45 PM) c64glen: what marks?

Next to enter the house Blind comic and Radio producer Michael, 33. Who lost his sight in an operation and does stand up comedy comic turn dressed as a girl. He is helped into the house by a young women.

(9:55:51 PM) c64glen: oh god
(9:56:00 PM) c64glen: Micheal – token Blindy
(9:56:08 PM) Scribbler: a blind one?
(9:56:15 PM) c64glen: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner
(9:56:31 PM) spoofpig: weiner
(9:56:47 PM) Scribbler: token blind one?
(9:56:49 PM) c64glen: he's a comedian?
(9:56:54 PM) Scribbler: He's the first one as far as I recall
(9:56:58 PM) mamma: he's a tranny
(9:57:05 PM) c64glen: Comedy + sympathy = Winner
(9:57:33 PM) c64glen: is she going in too? She's hot
(9:57:39 PM) spoofpig: cool poncho
(9:57:48 PM) Scribbler: she'll probably guide him to the door
(9:58:05 PM) Scribbler: and giggle as he falls down the stairs
(9:58:13 PM) spoofpig: trip him
(9:58:15 PM) c64glen: lol
(9:58:45 PM) spoofpig: id have him faceing the wrong way
(9:58:59 PM) c64glen: or tell him the door was open when it wasn't
(9:59:06 PM) spoofpig: lol
(9:59:10 PM) c64glen: There all 'Ahhhh' him
(9:59:25 PM) dawnylou: i know how awful
(9:59:33 PM) spoofpig: clan rivalry
(9:59:40 PM) c64glen: he's getting his hands on the ladies
(9:59:58 PM) mamma: good excuse he has tho
(10:00:00 PM) Scribbler: You've got nice long hair….. *squeeze* and your tits aren't bad either
(10:00:10 PM) c64glen: heh
(10:00:14 PM) c64glen: I must try that one
(10:00:14 PM) spoofpig: thats mario

Now entering the house is Alexandra, 23, from Croydon, who turned to Islam after having a daughter at 16.

(10:00:30 PM) c64glen: Alexandra = Charlie
(10:00:40 PM) spoofpig: poor lass didnt finish doing her hair
(10:00:49 PM) spoofpig: it was two tone
(10:01:24 PM) c64glen: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(10:01:26 PM) Scribbler: She's another dull one
(10:01:31 PM) c64glen: you are black and a women, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(10:01:44 PM) c64glen: this crowd came from the Daily Mail
(10:01:52 PM) spoofpig: the van looks like a poor a team van
(10:02:08 PM) c64glen: oh, a chant. The first one of the night. "Who are you?"
(10:02:24 PM) c64glen: did the crowd not see the video πŸ™‚
(10:02:52 PM) c64glen: lol, an OUT chant
(10:03:13 PM) c64glen: why is she in a nightdress?
(10:03:14 PM) Scribbler: oh my god, the have the same dress on
(10:03:36 PM) c64glen: who?
(10:03:47 PM) spoofpig: they both rotten too
(10:03:47 PM) Scribbler: where's the blind one gone?
(10:03:48 PM) c64glen: every one is blanking luke

The next entrant is Rex, 24, a Millionaire’s son from London, is a 'executive' chef. Who admits he is a "bully"

(10:03:55 PM) Scribbler: CHOR
(10:04:01 PM) c64glen: Rex – Executive wanka
(10:04:11 PM) mamma: I liked his silver shoes
(10:04:17 PM) Scribbler: I want that scarf
(10:04:30 PM) spoofpig: to string him up with?
(10:04:33 PM) Scribbler: it'll do for a cold winders evening… as a fucking quilt
(10:04:42 PM) c64glen: he's a secret ginger
(10:04:49 PM) mamma: there's no secret there
(10:04:55 PM) c64glen: a fooking hate that rolex song
(10:05:04 PM) spoofpig: secret by growing it on his face
(10:05:14 PM) c64glen: actually, he might not be a big a wanker as he looked
(10:05:27 PM) c64glen: then again
(10:05:45 PM) c64glen: oh, he sleeps a lot. He'll be good TV
(10:06:24 PM) Scribbler: so they'll not let him sleep, he'll be grouchy and moody, everyone will gang up on him, and then he'll get kicked out
(10:06:44 PM) c64glen: Mario is selling that 'Steph is my girlfriend thing' far too much
(10:07:12 PM) dawnylou: yeah but he was like that with his real girl
(10:07:17 PM) spoofpig: yes

Next up have Mohamed, 23, was born in Somalia and has lived all over the world and doesn't like being called a Terrorist.

(10:07:27 PM) c64glen: Mohamed – Token Terrorist
(10:07:37 PM) Scribbler: no, you don't look like a terrorist, you look like arnold off diff'rent strokes
(10:07:38 PM) spoofpig: i love a quality afro
(10:07:43 PM) c64glen: lol
(10:07:52 PM) spoofpig: wot you takin bout willis
(10:07:53 PM) c64glen: whatyoutalkingaboutscrib
(10:08:03 PM) mamma: ha ha
(10:08:26 PM) c64glen: will the daily mail crowd boo him?
(10:08:30 PM) Scribbler: oh my word, see the shitty orange lights on the front of the A team van? LOL
(10:08:38 PM) spoofpig: that van got a brake light out
(10:08:42 PM) Scribbler: no boos. How odd.
(10:08:48 PM) c64glen: is it supposed to be a a-team van?
(10:09:05 PM) Scribbler: filming them in the shower then posting it on the internet? He's a fucking perv then
(10:09:24 PM) c64glen: sounds cool to me
(10:09:34 PM) Scribbler: I'd have laughed if he'd fell down those stairs
(10:09:39 PM) c64glen: actually it sounds like something Bill would do
(10:09:58 PM) Scribbler: bill's not on BB though πŸ™‚
(10:10:06 PM) Scribbler: and we all know bill's a perv anyway
(10:10:23 PM) c64glen: heh, pretty much

They're still coming, this time we have Rebecca, 21 who is a Monster Raving Loony party supporter.

(10:10:44 PM) c64glen: CHAV
(10:10:47 PM) Scribbler: It's janine from eastenders!
(10:10:59 PM) c64glen: Rebecca = token workingclassperson
(10:11:06 PM) spoofpig: viky pollard
(10:11:07 PM) dawnylou: what?
(10:11:44 PM) Scribbler: I'm rubbish with boys… no, love, your face is rubbish with boys
(10:11:54 PM) c64glen: I probably would
(10:12:02 PM) spoofpig: i would
(10:12:26 PM) Scribbler: I'd have to be very, very drunk.
(10:12:36 PM) dawnylou: me too
(10:12:36 PM) spoofpig: i wouldnt
(10:12:45 PM) Scribbler: After that dance, stoned as well
(10:12:57 PM) spoofpig: i wouldnt
(10:13:04 PM) c64glen: does she need the loo?
(10:13:26 PM) dawnylou: what??????
(10:13:35 PM) c64glen: lol
(10:13:38 PM) dawnylou: I dont understand a word she says
(10:13:40 PM) Scribbler: well, if she does need the loo, she's just been

It's time for another break as we go back to the ads.

(10:14:07 PM) c64glen: how manys that now?
(10:14:13 PM) c64glen: can't be many more left
(10:14:14 PM) dawnylou: 10?
(10:14:33 PM) c64glen: feels like more.
(10:14:39 PM) c64glen: I hate meeting people
(10:14:48 PM) dawnylou: I know its past my bedtime now!
(10:15:10 PM) c64glen: 15 isn't it?
(10:15:13 PM) spoofpig: i need my beauty sleep
(10:15:25 PM) spoofpig: should have been in by tuesday
(10:15:26 PM) c64glen: the wife is upset, she wants eastenders on
(10:15:39 PM) mamma: send her to another room
(10:15:48 PM) c64glen: we have one TV
(10:16:04 PM) Scribbler: don't you have a video?
(10:16:31 PM) mamma: oh thats not good
(10:16:31 PM) mamma: in this case anyways
(10:16:31 PM) c64glen: BBC Iplayer to the rescue I think
(10:16:40 PM) Scribbler: ah, a wise choice
(10:17:18 PM) dawnylou: Can't you put Eastenders on as well?
(10:17:18 PM) dawnylou: We can watch BB and EE at the same time on our tv πŸ˜€
(10:17:47 PM) c64glen: lol, stop showing off πŸ˜€
(10:18:05 PM) spoofpig: why would you tho
(10:18:11 PM) Scribbler: which one has sound though?
(10:18:41 PM) spoofpig: this looks good
(10:18:46 PM) dawnylou: wichever one you want lol
(10:18:58 PM) c64glen: do you want me to spoil the happening?
(10:19:15 PM) dawnylou: nooooo
(10:19:36 PM) mamma: i need my gegs

Next up we have Darnell a Albino songwriter Swallow, of London, who was raised in the US but later deported to UK

(10:19:45 PM) spoofpig: eminem
(10:19:48 PM) Scribbler: what the fuck?
(10:20:09 PM) c64glen: Darnell = Token Albalino wtf?
(10:20:18 PM) dawnylou: im a bit scared of albinos, good job i didnt get into the house!
(10:20:56 PM) spoofpig: he a wigger
(10:21:01 PM) ***Scribbler wonders if he has pink eyes
(10:21:20 PM) ***c64glen wonder if the real Darnell will stand up
(10:21:34 PM) c64glen: heh
(10:22:17 PM) Scribbler: lol… thought she said "he niggos" there
(10:22:33 PM) Scribbler: oh my god, who plugged her in
(10:22:34 PM) dawnylou: thought he was going to shoulder the door
(10:22:54 PM) c64glen: Emenem + Monk from Divinci code = Darnell
(10:23:12 PM) Scribbler: every one is calling him daniel and donald… lol
(10:23:30 PM) c64glen: Daniel O'Donald
(10:23:38 PM) Scribbler: heheheheh
(10:23:52 PM) dawnylou: haha did anyone hear Nelson from the Simpsons in the audience there? lol
(10:24:01 PM) spoofpig: lol

Next to enter the house is Jennifer a 22 year old Model from Durham. She is a veggie animal activist, admits to a healthy sex appetite, and does not like like immigrants.

(10:24:10 PM) c64glen: isn't she in Girls Aloud
(10:24:11 PM) spoofpig: cheryl tweedy
(10:24:28 PM) mamma: I don't like this girl
(10:24:43 PM) spoofpig: i want her to wn
(10:24:55 PM) spoofpig: go-on lass
(10:24:57 PM) c64glen: Jennifer = token model single mother racist
(10:24:58 PM) spoofpig: lol
(10:25:01 PM) Scribbler: a cough that was murdered?
(10:25:17 PM) spoofpig: token bnp candidate
(10:25:27 PM) Scribbler: lol, the brake light was on there… maybe they're listening to us?
(10:25:28 PM) c64glen: the daily mail crowd will love her then
(10:26:03 PM) dawnylou: i see a recurring theme here
(10:26:09 PM) c64glen: micheal is driving the van
(10:26:15 PM) dawnylou: lots of religion…
(10:26:27 PM) Scribbler: she's going top get on with the wigger then isn't she?
(10:26:29 PM) c64glen: I haven't see her on the forum
(10:27:14 PM) c64glen: the last one
(10:27:17 PM) c64glen: thank fook
(10:27:20 PM) dawnylou: las tone… hope its bestie lasties

Finally we have the last enterant. Kathreya, 30, a Thai massage therapist who is just 5ft tall.

(10:27:22 PM) c64glen: oh, jesus
(10:27:24 PM) spoofpig: hahahahahahahahahaha
(10:27:26 PM) dawnylou: nope
(10:27:26 PM) mamma: buhahahaha
(10:27:30 PM) Scribbler: Oh dear.
(10:27:32 PM) mamma: wtf is that
(10:27:33 PM) dawnylou: aaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhh
(10:27:36 PM) spoofpig: lady boy
(10:27:39 PM) c64glen: Kathreya token whale
(10:27:46 PM) Scribbler: lol @ glen
(10:27:57 PM) spoofpig: i want her to win
(10:28:10 PM) c64glen: she'll be in the last three
(10:28:21 PM) spoofpig: she is the last three
(10:28:27 PM) c64glen: lol
(10:28:34 PM) dawnylou: hahha
(10:28:40 PM) dawnylou: would you like one? no
(10:28:42 PM) dawnylou: thank you
(10:28:42 PM) dawnylou: lol
(10:28:50 PM) Scribbler: lol, I thought they'd have to open both doors for her
(10:28:55 PM) c64glen: do they all have just one set of clothes?
(10:28:57 PM) dawnylou: she is going to break her ankles lol
(10:29:01 PM) spoofpig: take a window out
(10:29:07 PM) spoofpig: cankles
(10:29:25 PM) dawnylou: oh she carries biccies everywhere
(10:29:25 PM) c64glen: what the fook are on her feet
(10:29:29 PM) Scribbler: #oh jesus
(10:29:40 PM) Scribbler: hope that stage is reinforced
(10:29:42 PM) c64glen: biccies? I like that
(10:30:14 PM) c64glen: she's gonna knock the doors down
(10:30:30 PM) mamma: she can barely get down them stairs
(10:30:35 PM) spoofpig: heart attack
(10:30:37 PM) Scribbler: fatty's breathless climbing those stairs
(10:30:50 PM) spoofpig: ting tong
(10:30:53 PM) mamma: cookies
(10:30:56 PM) dawnylou: haha look at lukes face
(10:30:58 PM) Scribbler: dumbo looks lost
(10:31:01 PM) c64glen: the other one is fitting
(10:31:11 PM) spoofpig: even the blind lad looks sick
(10:31:21 PM) Scribbler: COOKIE!
(10:31:22 PM) c64glen: happy some one fatter has turned up probably
(10:31:37 PM) mamma: the gay doesn't look impressed that he has competition
(10:31:47 PM) Scribbler:COOKIE!
(10:32:05 PM) dawnylou: I like your haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair
(10:32:41 PM) c64glen: lol
(10:33:42 PM) c64glen: !Cookie

We leave the house and return to Davina who tells us that Mario and Steph, will be getting Married on the weekend show.

(10:34:03 PM) c64glen: They're getting Married?
(10:34:06 PM) dawnylou: Wow
(10:34:12 PM) c64glen: Will we watch?
(10:34:19 PM) dawnylou: yip
(10:34:20 PM) spoofpig: no im done now
(10:34:25 PM) dawnylou: wont be able to help myself
(10:34:26 PM) Scribbler: Life's too short
(10:34:56 PM) dawnylou: hahaha
(10:35:01 PM) c64glen: heh, I'm sensing a male/female devide
(10:35:06 PM) spoofpig: ill gather all the info i need from the cleaners at work who will talk non stop about it
(10:35:41 PM) dawnylou: well ill defo watch the wedding one, but dunno bout the rest of it?

So that's where we will leave it, it was all good fun and if you want to join in just drop in on the chat room.

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Question of the Week : So, what is your biggest money mistake?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is So, what is your biggest money mistake?


Not getting a student loan.

I've never had a student loan which means I have no debt. This however with hindsight was a stupid mistake. The interest on a student loan is about 2%. For the 4 years I was a student I could have had a student loan in a high interest savings account paying ~5%. I could have left this in for 4 years, paid off the whole some when I finished and pocketed the 3% interest on £12000 over 4 years.
I'd have made loads of money for free without any hassle.
I didn't and I've regretted it for years

Mamma Jamma

Getting a credit card in order to up my credit rating, the idea was to only spend around £20-£40 a month. It's now nearly maxed out and the money I pay off it every month could indeed be best spent elsewhere! Hey ho you live you learn.


By far and away was not getting a £90k house 7 years ago, it would of been a struggle at the time, but today it is on the market for £270k.

The £3k I've chucked at the pile of shit car pales into insignificance compared to the £180k I missed out on because I was nervous of comitting anouther £300 a month on the morgage.


Being a spend thrift when i was younger. Im now stuck with a stupidly sized loan which east away most of my wage for the next 3 years.


Approximately £40.

I applied for a passport online in about 2004, paid the fees using my card. They sent the forms to me. I lost the form.

In September 2006, after applying, using fresh forms via the post office, I got a passport, paying for it again.

A few months later, I find the original forms, and a few weeks later, recieve a letter saying that the 2004 forms are now useless, and I was entitled to a refund if I send the old 2004 form back.

I lose the form, the letter, and the reply address. Fuck.


Nothing major here, possibly selling my 42" plasma TV to my sister for £150 because I was in a good mood. I mean, what was I thinking!!

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