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Tron Evolution

Tron Evolution takes place in between the first Tron movie and the upcoming Tron Legacy. You take the role of a program written by Flynn to help manage and investigate the activities that have been going on in The Grid (the name of the Tron world). Basically, the regular programs are now known as Basics and a new kind of program life form that started being generated by The Grid called ISOs, which are I guess a trend towards self-generating AIs and a natural phenomenon in computing. Simply put, there is racial tension growing between the Basics and the ISOs with terrorist acts, activism, and the now recurrence of a virus that converts programs to mindless killers (although I found them to be particularly weak).

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TRON Movie Review

Although the sequel to TRON, Tron Legacy is coming out near the holidays this 2010, in 2003 a really great FPS game came out on computer by the name of Tron 2.0. See, I was never expecting anything like Tron Legacy to happen, especially since I read years ago that some people in Disney were bitter about having paid to get TRON made. However, Tron 2.0 was made and that was even better than TRON!

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