The Pirates Cove: Famicom Carts 2

Street Fighter IV and Adventure Island 2 famicom carts


Behold are the pirate carts Street Fighter IV and Adventure Island 2. These were a nice addition to my pirate Famicom collection because of Street Fighter IV. The game is really hard to come by making it rare but also it’s a rare game that’s worth every penny because it’s one of the best fighters for the Famicom. This game is so great you can even fight using the playboy bunnies! It’s a nice addition to anyone that wants something different to play on their Famicom as well as rare. Adventure Island 2 is also unique since it lets you pick the island you start on. You also get a lot more lives! It’s great to get a little help from the pirates….

Super Bros 8 (FC)

Super Bros 8 - Title Screen

The main point of this is obviously to give the word out on some of the more interesting pirates or hacks out there. There are just so many out there that it’s impossible to keep their numbers. Who knows how many pirates are out there, we’ll never know for sure.

Super Bros 8 - Gameplay Screenshot

So this week we have Super Bros 8 for the Famicom/NES consoles. The game is actually a hack of Don Doko Don 2. The game has been hacked to look similar to a Mario game and how so? Well all you had to do was Hack the title screen to show Mario in it instead of that little old guy and of course the character’s sprite. Overall, it’s a great game! Playing as Mario in an unknown world is typical for a Mario game (Just check Mario 2 for the NES) And something tells me this would have made a better Mario game if it would have been one to begin with. We gotta thank the pirates for releasing this one for sure. It is after all my favorite pirate cart out there.

Super Bros 8 - Gameplay Screenshot 1
The game is quite simple. You are Mario and you have a hammer so what must you do? Beat every enemy up by hammering them to their deaths. You are also able to pick up power ups to give your hammer powers as well as to help you jump higher. The levels are very entertaining and the music score is exquisite. You can’t go wrong with this game!

If you are able to pick this game up, lucky you as it’s not that common. For those of you that want to play it emulator style, well here you go. I’ll hook you up with therom.

Flea Market Finds: 2

So I went to another trip to the Flea Market. This time around the weather ruined my whole sale… was a real sad day for me since we didn’t sell much of our junk. Well after putting all our stuff away we were tired and depressed due to our low sales….we expected to make some good money you know! Anyways, enough of that, I decided to go walk around and try to find stuff to cheer me up and did I? Yeah!!! I found my first Famicom cart in a Flea Market plus other stuff! Check it out!

Flea market classic games

On the top left you can see the pirate Famicom cart I found that comes with some good games like Super Mario Bros 3, Castlevania, Super C, Jungle Book, Toy Story, Ms.Pacman, and many more! It’s a pretty kewl cart if you ask me! Then I found some CIB NES games and Gyromite cart that hopefully has a converter inside of it. Then there is The Little Mermaid cart and Prince of Persia for the SNES. I had a good day in the end but I couldn’t wait to get home and sleep…yeah I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I ended up going to sleep around 2pm and waking up at 11pm.

The Collectors Corner: New Famicom Carts

Famicom carts

I received in the mail a bunch of Famicom carts. They were all enjoyable except for Toy Story which didn’t work although I knew it would not work anyways. The one that was the most playable was King Kong 2. That game is crazy! You use King Kong to destroy everything in your path. Your goal is to destroy everything because of your rage and find King Kong’s girlfriend? Yeah the intro shows a lady Kong being trapped somewhere. It’s a very cliche story but what matters is the gameplay.

The kitten also agrees that King Kong rocks! Oh yeah Ghostbusters sucks!