The bored ramblings of a neurotic heavily pregnant woman
The bored ramblings of a neurotic heavily pregnant woman brought on by the boredom that is maternity leave

Anna Black Films
Hola! I’m Anna Black. I live in sunny North London, and have a window box for company. I like to fall over a lot in front of a camera.

Over the last few years or so I’ve filmed, directed, featured in, edited and produced over 130 films of various genres including comedy, documentary, and drama.

Please peruse around the page, or off to my website WWW.ANNABLACK.COM to watch some of my stuff… hurrah!

The 8-Bit Sid-Chip Sandwich Show
Its like a sort of retro computer comedy internet TV show thing with a lanky bint with glasses in it…

The Professor
Born conjoined to 2 other brothers, Lazarus was the only survivor of the operation to separate them and is now unique as the only person to ever have 3 brains working as One. He refuses to take an IQ test as it, in his own words, “Would be like asking a monkey to wipe its arse with its hand”. 

Currently working in a secret Lab somewhere off the coast of Canada. As part of his community service sentence for knocking the moon of its orbit Prof Laz answers inane questions on the ObscureInternet Forum and explains life using a series of simple day to day experiments.

If you have a question or a problem that cannot be answered by anyone, do not despair, you can always Ask the Professor! If the Professor can’t find the answer then there probably isn’t one.

Ever receive an e-mail from somewhere in West Africa telling you that you’re entitled to millions of dollars? You have received an advance fee fraud letter, or 419 scam letter as it’s also known. 419 is the relevant criminal code for fraud in Nigeria. It is becoming increasingly popular to correspond with the con artists that send these letters in order to reverse the scam and have some fun with them. This internet sport has become known as “scambaiting”.

Where Celebrity agony aunts give advice to you the worthless masses.

Obscure Reviews
We tell you want to watch and what to do. Sorry I mean ObscureInternet help you decide what to watch and what to do.

It’s Your Email
If you have a question or a comment, send it in because ObscureInternet answers your Email.

Obscure Guides
We know you hapless fools need help doing everything, so we have written some guides to help you.

Meet olderrant, he’s tired of all the do-gooders and all this Political Correctness gone mad, and he is getting angrier as he is getting older. He has a view on lots of matters especially the ones that he reads in the Daily Mail but don’t have any effect on him.

Obscure Fiction
ObscureInternet present a little fiction for your entertainment.

HansIsland Podcast
Talkshow Blog Podsafe Free Hilarious Stupid. Inspired by talkietoaster, this podcast comes to you from the tropical shores of Scotland (thanks George). Danish is not spoken here, its merely thought! 

Jesper Rasmussen Podcast
Jesper Rasmussen is the anti-globalisation fuckwit

Austin gives advice.
Austin gives advice. Sometimes people listen. Most the time people read. Austin has yet to figure out how people listen to the internet.

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