The Movie Channel

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The Movie Channel

It has become a think to watch the cut-scenes of movies all at once even if you never played the game and never plan to. We had a number of fans request a channel that featured such movies and here we are. The movie channel will feature a variety of movies both classic and modern from many great YouTube members who took the time to put together these awesome movies and we will list them and who created them here. If we missed any or made a mistake or you want to request a movie be added leave a comment or drop us a line.

Movie Line-up & Credit List

Outlast Videogame Movie Complete with Whistleblower by The Gamer Snake

The Walking Dead Game – Season 1 Episode 2 HD Gameplay by HassanAlHajry

Watch Dogs – All Cutscenes – Full Movie HD by RabidRetrospectGames

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