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MySpace Interview – Licks

So, who are you anyway? 

The names Licks,  im a button pushing producer from the Uk.  Ive been making tracks for around 4 years and for the last 12 months ive been working with artists from across the pond. Houston, Atlanta to Chicago you name it, ive got some crazy unsigned talent sitting writing to one of my pieces of Production.. 
I use logic, Fl, mpc 2000 some keyboards and a few other toys.. i dont get caught up in what other people use .. Just learn your skill with the the tools you have and known that shit inside out. .
I may dress like a ” hipster” punk but its been all hiphop since i was 10 years old.
And i think its all about my sound and the ways i express myself that make people really sit back and listen . The production and style i bring to the table is very marketable. Its not easy to gane repect in other countrys in this day and age when everybody has a computer and has the opportunity to make beats by downloading a basic programme. 
The Hype has been build for months now with fans, interview and colabs all happening on a daily bases. 

Describe your sound for us.

My Sounds is for those people with a Neon Soul and to left ears, my sounds is very much out the box. Think Andy Warhol making hiphop /eletro tracks. Its hard to define a genre but its really soulfull hiphop with some dutty bass and lazer noises. The beats i make are like Marvin Gaye meets Star wars. 

So you rate yourself then?

I must have some skills why else would rappers from LA to Newyork want to hook up and make some real music. But dont belive the hype if your feeling my sound i got nothing but love for you . But each to there own . There are some days where i’ll just be walling down the street or sitting on a bus and whats going on right now will the music will just hit me like bang ! but i try to remain humble and keep it moving . Ive wanted this all my life so it seems normal. So far the jorney has been incredible. The last 12 months have been overwellming with all the support and feedback i have getting around my production skills not only in the Uk but the people state side are really showing love..  a big thank you to the people who are listening .. 

Who are your influences?

Seriously i could name an a-z of people who i dig .. Al Green, The Doors , John Lennon, Q-Tip and J-Dilla. 
But really i do this for my family and my lady and they influence me over anything. Im very inspired to provide a better life to the people who raised me and to the people who will be riding this jorney out with me . This is a art that i love and have no problem waking up everday, digging in the creates then making so heat for the people.. 

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

With certain tracks i like to build the suspense so if your making epic big bang hiphop, just let the beat build by with an incredible intro that will have ready and hyped for the drop. 

What’s in the future?

2015 The Mixtape released 29th NOV 2008, 2015 The Instrumentals december 2008 and early next year The Short Circut Beat tape. 
The idea was to use this 2015 as a marketing tool to showcase the beats ‘ which would lead to further work and also to help out other artists coming up in the game helping them develop and have some free promotion along the way. 
2015 the mixtape features unsigned artists from England and the states , performing over my production. Music is the soundtrack of life so be sure to pick that up on free download.. 

What’s your claim to fame?

I not going to name drop blogs and site ive been on latey which at the moment is amazing . Its still early days so right now being excepted by artists and fans from other countrys is cool. Thinking to myself  ”oh thats me Licks sitting in Starbucks in leeds making tracks with real Ny heads from places like queens is fuc*ing crazy.. ..  

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time

Right now im pushing CoffeyShop Productions so that my plans to take the lable and built it up to an empire. But 10 years from now i’ll Still cutting up samples and looping dusty breaks all day long. But for myself for my own enjoyment i’ll be relexing in Jamaca retired. 

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace hands down i aint even on facebook and i dont have the time to catch up with Joey smithy from 10 years ago . Im looking towards the future. Myspace has been instrument so far, from fans to linking up with artists , graphic designers and dancers.. its like the world wide job centre , with people screeming hook me up ,..  Everyday is a new day on there, you never no whats around the corner or in your inbox.. 

Obscure thanks for having me .. 
Big shouts 2 Mr Who,, Resun, Dana La Rock, Devinn, WordSpit, J.a.i and Junclassic…. 
The Whole of the KeyCity Crew, Devinn,, Dee Jay, Imagine, Bodega Bamz, Who Mixed this and Shake Aletti..

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