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Jimmy Roland – My Jamaica (Club remix)

My Jamaica was written and recorded by Jimmy Roland, with the original version (much slower in tempo) being found on the artists’ “Under The Moonlight” cd. A DJ/producer in France DJ Felly, heard the original version on Jimmy Roland‘s MySpace page and contacted the artist out of interest in doing a remix version of the song. Permission was granted and the remix went on to hit the U.S. Dance charts in 2007, peaking at #22. There is a music video connected with this remix version of My Jamaica which can be viewed on YouTube and on the artists’ MySpace page.

[audio:Jimmy Roland – My Jamaica.mp3]

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One thought on “Jimmy Roland – My Jamaica (Club remix)

  • This track is awesome. A combination of reggae,Dance and much more. A great beat with unbelievable vocals from both Roland and his backup singers.

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