Wii U

The successor to the Wii created by Nintendo and released in the U.S. in 2012 it is the first console to support true HD graphics. One of the main selling points is the unique controller which is also a touchscreen, this gamepad works with many titles allowing you to use many features within games and allow others to play or assist you within games. You can find our reviews for Wii U games in this section.

Wii U

NES Remix 1 and 2

The remix part comes in with 60 plus special challenges that completely change the familiar levels and games around. Playing Donkey Kong with Link (who can’t jump) or plowing through lights-out Excitebike are just two of the awesome tweaks that make this the mode worthy of the purchase. Some of the challenges are downright brutal. For example, imagine playing Balloon Fight (aka C-List Joust) while the screen continually shrinks. The remix levels are hands down the hardest to complete, and they will certainly test your 8-bit mettle.

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