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The Foxes – Trauma Town

Here’s “Trauma Town” the debut single from The Foxes, which reached no.9 in the UK indie charts. Release on their own record label, “Room 10 Records” 

“The Foxes are another band you’d do well to acquaint yourself with now because these chaps are going to be huge. Fabulous songwriting, feel-good beats, sterling musicianship. Read the whole review 

“vibrant songs and a blistering stage show…..the search for a great British rock band is over” – British music journalist legend Chris Welch

“The Foxes confidence is not unfounded. Its been just over a year since the band played their first live gig, and already they’ve caught the attention of NME, XFM and Creation records founder Alan McGee, who signed Oasis and Primal Scream. But most importantly, as their rapidly growing fan base shows, they’ve caught the attention of the public.” Read the full review 

“The noise made by the crowd as the band leave the stage says it all; The Foxes have a bright future ahead of them. Expect to hear them all over the radio soon and see them headlining much bigger shows.” Carl Fisher, 

[audio:The Foxes – trauma_town.mp3]

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