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Scambaiter – Fun with bots – CAPS LOCK

Here’s another cross dressing bot, this time dannygarret was trying to convince me it was called Rebecca. I’ve got to hand it to this bot, it didn’t even get flustered with CAPS LOCK, CRUISE CONTROL FOR THE COOL.

14:51:07 dannygarrett – u there
14:51:57 c64glen – EAT ME YOU COMMIE
14:51:59 dannygarrett – hey, whats going on  
14:52:08 c64glen – FLAPS
14:52:14 dannygarrett – i got ur info from Rebecca, i hope u dont mind
14:52:39 c64glen – I DO MIND, REBECCA IS A WHORE
14:52:47 dannygarrett – I just moved here last week,and im looking to meet some new people
14:53:25 dannygarrett – she said you were cool,¯so u wanna meet up? grab a drink… have a lilil fun
14:54:47 c64glen – I AM NOT COOL, I AM AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Also what is a ‘lilil?
 14:54:54 dannygarrett – i got my pix and info here <<Crappy URL>> check it out, shoot me a message if u think i’m cute
14:55:31 c64glen – How about I just shoot you?

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J.A. Laraque

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