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Vinnie Jones Could End AND Save Your Life

You know Vinnie Jones from his soccer football days as well as his movie career, especially his gangster movies. Who knew he cared so much about saving human lives?

Well… sometimes it’s better to save someone than have to feed a corpse to a bunch of pigs, you know? The PSA is done in good taste and along the lines of the Guy Ritchie funny gangster films (Old, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch).

It is nice to see him giving back to the community, helping out the British Heart Foundation.

I’m not too surprised to see him helping out the community because that’s what he’s known for, helping other people as seen here:

He helped a lot of people here in the US lose a lot of weight.

Here is Vinnie at work in Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels:

Vinnie: “This is one of them high powered jobs, ain’t it?”
Victim: “Yeah, and it’s all over in 60 seconds, just like your film career!”
This is making fun of Vinnie’s role if the horrible remake of Gone In 60 Seconds, where his character basically almost said no lines.

I love how the victim is reading the biography of Vinnie Jones. Such a great scene!

Here is an example of Vinnie’s ultra-violence, also from Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels:

After all that drama, everything is okay! Cheeky bastard!

You might also know him as the ultimate Manchester United soccer hooligan, I mean fan:

Here he is again from Eurotrip going ape shit on the french:

His best scene ever and speech ever is from Snatch, giving his Balls speech:

“There ain’t a pussy here. Just a dose that’ll make you wish you were born a woman.” Classic!

I personally enjoy how he takes care of a Russian gangster:

You know how it takes a box of bullets to take one of those out. “Almost…”

And remember… if you have a problem, you can always call Vinnie!

Vinnie Jones PSA

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