4D Warriors


Today’s classic gaming video is from the Corland made game 4D Warriors. Here is a description from Arcade central.

The game is a horizontal scrolling shooter in which you take
control of a jetpack propelled space warrior who travels between parallel
universes and worm holes (hence 4-D or 4 dimensions) throughout the game.

By flying over the top of the play field, you end up in an alternate universe.
You travel back and forth defeating enemies until you reach a boss creature.

On some occasions a worm hole will appear in the middle of the play field
and you are taken to even stranger worlds…

The game contains at least six distinct worlds. You begin in a red
zone populated by a variety of surreal enemies. The red zone also
contains at least three kinds of powerups in the form of crystals.

By going over the top of the red zone, you can enter a blue zone.

The blue zone is where the level boss first appears. Once the boss is
sufficiently damaged, it will retreat to

the red zone, where you can destroy it and advance to the next
level. When the boss is not present, the level contains a
selection of enemies that behave similarly to those in the red
zone, although their appearance is somewhat different.

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