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What Madeline Did In 2011

What Madeline Did In 2011

This cool girl Madeline made this video showing just one second of every single day for the year 2011.

2011 from hey_rabbit on Vimeo.

Observations based on the video:
-She’s cute.
-She likes going to live shows.
-She lives in Los Angeles.
-She seems to have fun friends.
-She plays the original arcade game for Star Wars.
-She likes True Grit, the 2010 version.
-She has cats.
-She reads poetry.
-She cooks.
-She codes! (holy crap!!! – She’s a KEEPER!)
-She plays the guitar.
-She watches random stuff on the internet.
-She liked Thor (excellent) and saw the 2D version.
-She works doing a kid’s show.
-She reads graphic novels.
-She draws art on the computer (an Apple).
-She goes rollerskating.
-She might be a vegan.
-She likes to sing in the car.
-She also creates art, not on the computer as well.
-She travels a lot.
-She watches X-Files.
-She draws comics!
-She watches Harry Potter movies.
-She knits.
-She parties.
-She likes doing activities outdoors.
-She watched Contagion in the movies.
-She keeps a physical journal.
-She seems to like nature.
-She enjoys photography.
-She watched the movie The Graduate.
-She likes Deadliest Catch.
-She likes Doctor Who.
-She watched King Kong, the 2005 version.
-She is interested in Coast To Coast.
-She is an artist.
-She likes Upright Citizens Brigade.
-She likes The Hobbit.
-She likes children.

Conclusion: This girl is awesome!

Blade Runner mode off.

Okay, so yeah you’re either used to be posting a bunch of braindead shit or stuff that will make the Baby Jesus cry but I do look at happy stuff too, so there!

And yeah, I do realize that list makes me sound like a stalker. 😮

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