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Simone Bevilacqua: BOH

BOH game
BOH game

Name: Simone Bevilacqua

Profession: Software engineer

Favorite Classic Game: <none>

Quote: I have no favorite game because there are so many I love that it’s just impossible to choose. Anyway, I’m mostly into C64 and Amiga games (but, of course, I’ve also seen/played many games on many other systems).

Bio: I started programming as a kid on the C64 with BASIC, then I passed to Amiga, where I started with AMOS Professional, but then went for assembly and direct programming of hardware. In 2004, since it was no longer possible to have fun with assembly and fiddling with hardware, I started working in C, using libSDL as an abstraction layer.

Personal website: (some of my projects can be found in “thecomputermaniac” section).

Project: BOH

Project Info: BOH is a unique retro-flavoured puzzle-riddled maze game spiced up with thrilling action.

You move in claustrophobic, mysterious, dangerous battlefields searching for the Evil Masters, who throw countless enemies at you until you discover and face them in the final battle. Although your quests are made slightly less hard by the power-ups scattered all around, carrying out the missions demands lots of concentration and quick reflexes.


With BOH the fun never ends: new missions can be added anytime and you can even create your own! And, as if that was not enough, you can also customize entirely its audio-visual aspect!


BOH has been created with lots of passion and care to offer, with its old-school style, a fascinatingly different video gaming experience.

Features (as of November 28, 2010)

* immersive & thrilling gameplay

* 40 missions + 10 secret missions to unlock

* missions divided in 5 levels of difficulty

* multi-phase missions

* multi-floor battlefields of any size/shape

* mind-blowing puzzles and deadly traps

* many and varied power-ups

* several different kinds of enemies

* hand-pixelled 2D graphics

* real-time field of vision and lighting

* atmospheric audio and rich soundtrack

* 7 themes

* online world standings

* possibility of creating missions and themes

* Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations

BOH runs natively on AmigaOS, AROS, Linux, MacOS and Windows. It comes as a shrink-wrapped DVD box containing a pressed CD-ROM and a 24-page color printed English manual, or as a downloadable ISO image.

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