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Scambaiter – I did not kill my wife, lrn_fish!

lrn_fish was one the scamming jerks that had added me to yahoo messenger a while ago but until this point had never contacted me.

[13:37] lrn_fish: hi
[13:38] lrn_fish: Buzz!!
[13:38] c64glen: Hey
[13:38] lrn_fish: are u there
[13:38] lrn_fish: hi
[13:38] lrn_fish: how have u been
[13:38] c64glen: I am good
[13:39] c64glen: and you
[13:39] lrn_fish: not bad
[13:39] lrn_fish: hows ur g friend
[13:40] c64glen: my g friend?
[13:40] lrn_fish: yea how is she
[13:41] lrn_fish: or u mean to tell me she doesnt exist
[13:41] c64glen: No, she is dead
[13:41] lrn_fish: oh
[13:41] lrn_fish: am sorry.
[13:42] c64glen: Yes, I am sorry too
[13:42] lrn_fish: so for how long she’s being dead
[13:43] c64glen: A couple of days now
[13:43] lrn_fish: really
[13:43] lrn_fish: u must be very sad
[13:43] c64glen: aye, hopefully no one will notice
[13:44] lrn_fish: was it an accident or just natural
[13:46] c64glen: Yes it was
[13:46] c64glen: A natural accident
[13:46] c64glen: I didn’t kill her
[13:47] lrn_fish: an accident? oh
[13:47] lrn_fish: i know, i couldnt have thought u killed ur gfriend
[13:47] c64glen: Yes, I didn’t kill my girlfriend, no matter what they tell you
[13:47] lrn_fish: where are u now
[13:48] c64glen: I am in secret location
[13:48] lrn_fish: you mean they ve been lookin for you
[13:49] c64glen: Why would they look for me, I haven’t done anything. I never even had a knife
[13:50] Meebo Message: lrn_fish is offline

For some reason Mr Fish didn’t want to speak to me after this, but he will┬ábe back.

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