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The bored ramblings of a neurotic heavily pregnant woman – No More Shopping

Well after an uneventful Sunday and Monday I decided to have a wander round Tesco on Tuesday, not only did I need to get out the house I thought a bit of spending would do me good, also My friend Kirsty as Mentioned in a previous blog was coming over to show of her new baby and I needed some wrapping paper for her presents. Tescos was mad. I got there for 9am and it was packed out. After my last venture into the public I decided to take a deep breath and not let anyone bother me. I enjoyed wandering round the Christmas aisles and also the babywear, there was so much I could have bought for James but I have so much already, I eventually got home for just before 11am. I was quickly putting the stuff away when I lunged forward to pick up a bag, only problem – I wasn’t going to stop. Using the edge of the bench I managed to pull myself back up but then I couldn’t stop going backwards. Inevitably I ended up flat on my back on the kitchen floor in complete shock. I managed to pull myslef together in time for Kirsty and Millie to show up. Kirsty checked I was ok, which I was at the time, albeit a little freaked but ok. James was kicking as he usually does at that time of day so I wasn’t worried. About an hour after Kirsty left I had the strangest pain in my tummy, was sort of a cramp like pain running from the centre of my chest down to my tummy button. I got on the phone to ward 17 who told me not to worry but to go down and get checked over to be on the safe side. I called my other mate Sarah who picked me up and took me over.

I got checked over, listened to his heart beat – which always mesmerises me, then had my blood pressure taken. Everyhing was fine with James however it was me having problems, my blood pressure was high and my heart beat was racing. Not dangeroulsy high but hih for me as it has been low and at the same rate throughout my pregnancy. The nurse put it down to the shock of what had happened, and wanted to keep me in overnight, but as I was chaperoned when I went in and didn’t have any overnight gear she let me go home but not before foning my midwife to tell her I’d been down and if my blood presure hadn’t dropped come Friday when I had my 36 week check I was to be sent back to hospital to be checked.

So that was me bedridden as of Wednesday, I only left my bed to eat and visit the bathroom for 2 days. It did me some good tho, I obviously needed the rest as all I did was sleep. Friday I went to see the midwife, all was good, my blood pressure was slighly high but had dropped a lot since Tuesday so she was happy with me. Time to run through the birth plan, I honestly didn’t know it was so complicated. Of course Mick was down as my birth partner, but then it was time to look at the pain relief side of things. I had already decided that I would be wanting gas and air, no questions on that. Due to previous lower back injuries I’ve ruled out an epidural. The question was now do I opt for pethadine or diamorphine or do I attempt the birth without them The problem have with both of these drugs is that they injected into your blood stream therefore go straight into the babies blood stream, this is something which I’m not to fussed on to be perfectly honest. After discussing with the midwife we wrote on the birth plan that I would not rule out diamorphine as this apparently is not as bad as pethadine, however I have no intention of going into the delivery suite and asking for this right away. She also mentioned something called meptid. She advised that meptid does not have any side affects to baby however is not as strong as diamorphine or pethadine so I’m serioulsy considering this if I can handle the pain to a certain degree. I must insist that I am no Martyr when it comes to pain but will have to wait and see how I get on.

She also told me that James head was in the right place although his head wasn’t yet engaged. In order to help this motion she advised that long walks would do the trick, due to the force of gravity it helps baby to move down. Now at 8 months pregnant taking ny form of exercise is not welcome however I’m determined this baby will not be going overdue, I refuse for my child to claim squatters rights especially over Christmas ad New year as my date to be induced should I need it would be Jan 1st. I think not!!!

So that was that then, I needed to do some walking, I had some post for the parents that needed to be sent over to them in sunny Spain. My usuall trick would be to call at the post office for around 11.50am do my thing then take myself a little further up the road to the pub and meet my mates for a few pints of diet coke. Not this Saturday. In order to help my babe engage his head I decided to go the the post office earlier – before the pub opened therefore ensuring I had to leave the house twice. Now I have to tell you that any normal week this would not phase me in the slightest, the walk to post office even with my little legs usually takes no more than 15 mins to get there and back. At the minute I just to say get this done in 30.

I managed the post office trip just fine sent my letters to the old fella, which cost a massive £2.19. I’ll be claiming that back in the new year when he comes to visit his grandson! The trip to the pub was quite nice too, I decided to take it easy pop my headphones in and Jazz my way through the village. I had a cracking afternoon, didn’t even spend a tenner.

Later in the day I started having the strangest pains in my pelvis and bum!! After tea I spent a goo hour rocking on the settee, I’m almost convinced he has engaged his little head. I have never felt so uncomfortable in all my life. I spend a good hour n MSN to Mick’s sister asking her advice as she has had 2 children. From what I explained to her she agreed that it sounded like the babe had engaged his head. I’m booked back at the midwife on 10th December so will not doubt have this confirmed then. Although one of Mick’ friends has bet me a bottle of Whiskey that James will be in the world either on the 10th or before. Some of the regulars in the pub are even taking bets that he will be out and about within the next 2 weeks. I’ll have to wait and see. I will let you guys know. I’m contemplating leaving a post in the official baby thread that just simply says LABOUR. That way if both Mick and I are quiet for a days or so you know why. I assume that a certain proud daddy would post pictures as soon as we got home. I’m starting to feel a mix of emotions now, I’m anxious for the birth as I have no idea what is facing me, but I’m excited to meet the little boy who has shared my body for the past 8 months as he is what it’s been all about. I’m for for some breakfast now. Hopefully I won’t be injuring myself again and will be updating you all with some kind of boring sh*te again in the next few days.

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