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Scambaiter – I am an Autobot, Peter. You can trust me.

You remember Peter? Sure you do, we talked about Jesus and Iraq while he tried to get money out of me. Well yet again he is back, and trying to bribe an Autobot with his dirty gold.

[17:27] peter_mensah20: hello
[17:28] c64glen: Hello
[17:28] peter_mensah20: how are u my good friend
[17:28] c64glen: I am the most awesome person in the whole of western interwebs
[17:29] c64glen: and you are you my space friend!
[17:29] peter_mensah20: yes i can see
[17:30] c64glen: excellent
[17:30] peter_mensah20: yes my dearline when will u came to ghana
[17:31] c64glen: Oh, That is a good question. Where is ghana again?
[17:31] peter_mensah20: west african
[17:31] c64glen: so it’s still on Earth?
[17:32] peter_mensah20: yes why
[17:32] c64glen: thought it might have been damaged in the Cybertronian wars, but not that is good.
[17:37] peter_mensah20: my father died during the war and
[17:37] c64glen: did he? Curse those Decepiticons!
[17:38] peter_mensah20: and he live me some consignment which i willlike umy good friend to help me
[17:38] c64glen: ah I understand… is it Energon?
[17:39] peter_mensah20: this consignment contain a lot of gold
[17:39] peter_mensah20: GOLD
[17:40] c64glen: ah, ok. GOLD
[17:40] c64glen: the postman is going to love delivering that.
[17:40] peter_mensah20: yes, so i will like u to help me ok, so that i can get thos goods ok
[17:41] c64glen: so how can I help, I’m millions of miles away
[17:41] c64glen: on the moon
[17:43] peter_mensah20: ok
[17:43] c64glen: so how can I help?
[17:43] c64glen: I can send cheese
[17:43] peter_mensah20: u will stand as my foregn benefit ok
[17:43] c64glen: BRILLIANT
[17:44] peter_mensah20: and i will disopoat the thing to ur conutry ok and u will manager tham until i cmes to ur conutry ok
[17:44] c64glen: ok, do you have a space bridge? for the transit?
[17:45] peter_mensah20: yes
[17:45] c64glen: are you ok? you fingers appear to be on upside down. you are typing like this…: helo my na,mdioe is the sforegein tuekry for the moon plewase sned money now
[17:46] peter_mensah20: so can u help me my good friend
[17:47] c64glen: of course, I took a vow when I joined the Autobots to help all life.
[17:47] peter_mensah20: thank
[17:48] c64glen: don’t thank me thank our fearless leader Optimus Prime!
[17:49] peter_mensah20: my lawyer will like to know ur full name ane ur phone number so that he can all u and let u know all the doucment which will help he two of as ok
[17:49] c64glen: your lawyer? What is his name?
[17:50] peter_mensah20: mr moses
[17:51] c64glen: Like the Bible?
[17:51] c64glen: WoOWOWOowowo! Can he part the sea?
[17:51] c64glen: does he have a big beard?
[17:51] peter_mensah20: i am not hear to joke ok
[17:51] peter_mensah20: i will liketohave ur number ok
[17:51] c64glen: hey, don’t fucking push me.
[17:52] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Dec 11 17:52:11 2006.

Always leave them wanting more.

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