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It’s your Email

Welcome to “It’s your email”, it been a while but we are back this time with 100% percent real whinging email.

Annoying blog
I author a weblog called:- And it would appear i have upset one of your members somehow. So much so that he threatens to harm me.

Why he should wish to harm me i have no idea,maybe he disagrees with my political stance. Whatever his beef, i do not take threats lightly.

What are your forum moderators views on members making threats? Do they condone it? Do they tolerate threats being made.

I would like to know your policy about members conduct before i take further action


Ed- Dear Mr Rant,

Thanks you for bring this complaint to out attention. We take all these complaints very seriously.

After speaking with our legal department viewing the comments you have sent, we can see no threats made against you, only vague wishes to do you slight harm in a strangely homoerotic fashion.

Fortunately wishing to do something isn’t illegal, I mean if it was I would not be able to think about defecating into the mouth of a dead Margret Thatcher.

Hugs and Kisses

If you any comments or questions, please send them to

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J.A. Laraque

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