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Rocky vs Rambo

Rocky BalboaRocky Balboa. Bit docile, short on words, and not even technically a boxer. More like a slightly animated punch bag. All of Rocky’s fights were won (and lost) on the basis of him having the shite beaten out of him, and then either losing on points or climbing the ropes in the last seconds of the count.

How fortunate.

I must also make some mention of his training methods. Chasing chickens to build up his speed (which he never used in a fight) and running the streets of Philadelphia for stamina (which he did need). His most memorable method was his way of increasing his strength, where he would pummel for hours on pieces of meat.

Which brings me neatly on to Rambo. Or John, as he’s known to his mother. Rambo is a highly trained ex Vietnam vet (by which I mean veteran, not vet, he didn’t run round Ho-Chi-Minh City tending to pot bellied pigs. Or did he? We’ll never know as it’s not explained by the film.). He is also very pissed off. All the time.

Rambo is a weapons man. His bare hands are surely no match for Rocky? But, readers, think back to the start of Rambo III, where he has the scrap with that kick boxer chap. He gives him a good old slapping about, so maybe his hand-to-hand skills are better than he makes out.
So then, who would prevail in this clash of the titans?

My prediction is a dirty fight, with all manner of low blows from Rambo, but a double knock down ten seconds from the end of the fight.

I think you can guess what happens next……..

Pete, Burney Wallet

Rambo First Blood

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