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This time around, we have a true classic for the Famicom/NES. Goonies was a side scroller like no other for its time. It had very unique items and collectibles as well. I mean why in the world would you need to use an space suit? nevah! Anyways, the game is challenging at times and follows the story well sort off. You do start off at the house where the bad guys were in. You also get a fat guy that keeps shooting at you but you never see that dirt bag old lady at all.

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The levels are pretty simple. Just beat up a rat and get the bomb. Place the bomb in the door nearby and get what’s inside. You must find three children and a key to be able to exit the level. Make sure you also pick up the items in the doors, well you’ll have to anyways because you need to blow them all up. The levels take you through an underground level and sewers as well. It’s a pretty fun game overall! The ending is also worth it all the way! You must beat this game!

With simple gameplay and a great fun factor, this game is a must play for any retro gamer. It’s very odd it was never released in the US even though it was based on a US released movie…

I never really got into Goonies 2 as well which was released here in the US because it just didn’t felt like a Goonies game. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I just should probably give it another chance. Anyways, since there is not US release I suggest you buy one of those multicarts which are really common and have a very good chance of coming with the Goonies game in it. If not just play the rom!

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