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Question of the Week : Today is a birthday. What are you going to get them?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is Today is a birthday. What are you going to get them?

Mamma Jamma

Some stickle bricks – my cousins little boy just been playing with some they’re fab!

Interview with the bastard

64 slices of american cheese


a mr men book.
the book depends on the person.


A Chopper, but only if they break the rules and let me ride on the back


A babysitter and some tickets for a show…..
A babysitter to sit the kids thats is! not … oh you know what I mean…

Thats what I’d like for my birthday anyway , a night off and to go and see something in a proper theatre,, and I like the idea of giving something to someone hat i’d like aswell.


I would buy lego, a big box of lego


What the heck more could I give them…they have the best pressie of all…life!


I’d buy a limited edition weeble that wobbles and falls down.


I wouldd buy them a life sized replica of Nicolas Cage so they could re-enact a pletera of his brilliant films.

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