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Question of the Week : What three wishes do you make, and why?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is What three wishes do you make, and why?


1.) I'd have my haemophilia cured – Because it's a real pain in the ass giving yourself injections a few times a week
2.) I'd have my body repaired – Trouble with the above means some of my joints are like that of a 50+ person, I'd have the clock turned back to my real age of 24.
3.) I'd have plenty of money thrown into my bank account – A life any money concerns at all sounds like a nice life to me.


1 more wishes
2 a million pound house including utilities fotr life
3 a skate park designed by jon julio for me and him only to skate


These are far out there…but wouldn't it be nice?

Today, at this moment in time…
#1 – A cure for cancer
#2 – An end to racism
#3 – The restoration of my mother's health

Mamma Jamma

Well where do I start……….

1) Have enough money in the bank to retire early and live a comfortable lifestyle
2) Never be stressed and have high blood pressure again – I'm only 24
3) After the above 2 wished had been granted enjoy my life.


1. I would like an alternate universe created where I am rich but absolutely nothing else is changed.
2. I would like to be transported to the alternate universe created in wish one when wish three is asked for, I should replace my alternate self.
3. "I wish you would not grant me this wish."


Well im just selfish –
1) A never ending supply of money in the bank.
2) To be happy
3) a batman cape.


– To never have to lose a loved one
– Endless money, selfish but it wouldnt only be used for selfish needs
– To be rubbed out and drawn again (Im feeling old and my health worries me at times)


End world hunger.
Get some world peace going on.
Maybe a nice bath of marshmallows too!


1) The Power of Invisibilty.
2) Immortality so I can look smug at funerals
3) The power to make people do whatever I tell them to do, but incorporate a bastardiized version Asimov's 3 robot laws just in case I get drunk and accidently tell the some bloke to "blow me"


1). Obscene amounts of cash!!!!
2). A stop to all the needles killing in the world!
3). Bring back capital punishment and stop all this outrageous PC brigade bullshit!!!!


Wish 1: Never to have to go the toilet again (it's such a waste of valuable time, especially at gigs)
Wish 2: To be able to start and leave work as and when I see fit
Wish 3: That all people who wear mullet style hair cuts 'a la Hoxton' should have their balls cut off


1) To know what I want from life.
2) To have the determination to go get it.
3) to be a huge success

El Flamingo

1. I wish i hadn't allowed THAT MAN to double glaze my entire house including the contents of my fridge
2. I wish i had a giant bumblebee who would take me places at the dead of night… like Basingstoke. and it would be a secret and no one would know.
3. I wish i were slightly deaf

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