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Question of the Week : On what do you spend too much money?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is On what do you spend too much money?


Music. Beer. Transport to and from work. Takeaways.


Coming home to find the front door wide open, that was easily the scariest thing ever to happen to me. Turned out it was just the wind that had blown it open after it not being closed properly but to think someone could still be in your house. Not nice stuff.


I guess my computer, I always seem to be buying something for it.




xbox 360 games
eating/going out
musical equipment
self help guides to limiting my expenditure


My car but I see that as necessary expenditure so not really wasted money.

I’ll go with games, probably bought 30+ full priced games last year at £40 ish a pop I sell them on but even so its a lot for me when Im on a shite wage.


Probably the computer, but I don’t splurg that often now.


mc donalds, hungry jacks… too much… luckily im not a fat guy… yet

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One thought on “Question of the Week : On what do you spend too much money?

  • Definitely xbox 360 games/peripherals/hardware, A Wii, PS3 etc etc

    Lost count just how much and are probably scared to sit and total it up!

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