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Bill Wood Rocks – Lately

Men (or women) have two choices when selecting a partner of the opposite (or same – but that would be gay) sex. That is, firstly, do you go for a woman (or man) with a mind of his (or her) own, with actual opinions (right or wrong) that have been formed through their own deliberation rather than lent by some bogus third party opinion provider? Or, secondly, do you go with a woman (or man) with opinions borrowed from some bogus third party opinion provider rather than one who possesses actual opinions formed from their own personal deliberation?

OK, so the vast majority of you, and rightly so, would go with the latter. I know I would. Except, and almost without exception, I do not. And sadly the problem with other people with opinions, especially when they tend to be your girlfriend (or boyfriend), is that you can be damn sure that their opinion tends to be correct. That is to say, one is often wrong, and never more so than when one aspires to the contrary.
You see, that’s the problem with having your own mind. It makes you want to be with other people who also have their own mind. And that is when problems start to occur.

Lately is a song about having to come to terms with that fact that you don’t always have to hold the reigns in a relationship and that sometimes, just sometimes, you can let the other person also lead the way. And sometimes being out of control can be a heady experience. The song charts a realisation, from confused despair to happy acceptance, that going with the flow can often be better than directing it.

It also has a great bass riff.

My singing sucks.


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