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One of the most amazingly classic racing games for the SNES is surely F-Zero. It was a very unique game for its time and deserves a spot at the Retro Game of the Week. The game is huge with lots of crazy tracks and your rivals as well. You have different difficulties to pick from as well as different tournaments to pick. The game is pretty simple except it’s set in the future and the race tracks have uniqueness all over. One unique factor is that the sides of the roads damage your car so driving carefully is a must. You get a lot of help with the wings on the back of your car which will help you glide to the side by pressing the R(right) and L(left) accordingly.

F-Zero Gameplay Screenshot 9


The game also has a lot of difficult tracks even at the easiest settings. The tracks with the big ramps are one of the more difficult ones since you need to be at certain speed to be able to get pass it. You have to take the ramp with speed enough to pass it or else you will fall down to what I’m guessing is a circuit area? Anyways, your car will explode. One of the problems I had with this game is that damn about to explode car that I always knock into when I’m driving. He takes so much of my life and sometimes even kills me! My best strategy is usually to use a turbo when I see him. It’s just me though.

Therefore, this is a very unique title to pick up and play. There are no two players so this is not a multiplayer game. You should also check out the GBA release as well as the awesome Nintendo 64 and Gamecube releases. Until next week!

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