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Pirate Games: Pokemon Stadium

This is one of the more unique and playable pirates out there. Of course, there is a vast amount of pirate carts both hacks and originals out there and this one I gotta say is of the more decent ones. The game is pretty much what Pokemon Stadium would have been for the SNES if a bad developer would have released it although not everything is a pain. This game isn’t bad but it’s also not that good, it’s like gambling except you get better at it and can guarantee a victory every single time. The game is simple, you pick your Pokemon from a bunch of them (Not 150 in case you were wondering) Although the game does include the more popular ones from the series. One of the problems is that they have the wrong names, now I don’t know if those are the names of the Pokemon in another language but I do know that the game is from Hong Kong so there could be a possibility.

Pirate Games - Pokemon Stadium - SNES - Gameplay screenshot

The game consists of two modes, arcade mode and vs mode. I’m sure you can tell what these do but just in case you don’t know, arcade mode is like the story mode where you will do battle against the computer until you defeat all the pokemon. Vs mode is the mode to play against your friend and works the same way except the game won’t get you anywhere. The way to win in this game is quite simple. You power up your pokemon for an attack, when the power meter builds up you’ll be ready to attack. There are attacks that uses your whole power meter so you won’t be able to use them unless you are at your max. If your opponent gets to attack first, you’ll have two options to choose from. You either try to evade or defend which don’t make much sense until you select them.

Pirate Games - Pokemon Stadium - SNES - Gameplay screenshot

When you defend, you take the hit at reduced damage but when you evade you will have to stop the arrow on a bar in the middle kind of like aiming. The more centered it is, the better chance of dodging the attack and taking less damage. Yes, you still take damage even if you dodge it successfully but then you can make the opponent’s pokemon use their attack to the max and have to charge up again while your power meter is still charged and ready to attack them head on. These power meters are crucial to your victory so should be used wisely. If you attack the opponent’s pokemon while the power meter is empty, there is a very high chance of giving a lot of damage. You will win in no time! The main trick is to stop the arrow in the middle to have a better chance at dodging and taking less damage, once you have this figured out the rest is quite easy.

So this should be enough to make you want to play this game. I know you want to play this one right? You want it right? Yeah, you are begging for it I just know it! Well here you go, the rom is yours! I was lucky enough to pick this game up last year while I was on vacation. It’s quite rare to find so I suggest you use the rom I just provided you. It does appear once in a while on eBay but last one went for almost 90 dollars.

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