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Kart Fighter

Kart Fighter - Gameplay Screenshot - 1

One of the more interesting pirates out is Kart Fighter. What else can you ask for? Mario characters kicking each others asses! You can play as Peach, Mario, Koopa, Bowser, and many many more! No kidding! What makes this different from the other crappy pirate fighters is the Mario characters. They also have the wrong names(at least some of them do). The game is quite simple if you have played these flawed fighters you can find the super move that will always hit the enemy and prevent them from doing anything against it.

Kart Fighter - Gameplay Screenshot
There is not much more to say about this game, it’s quite easy but surely one you have to try out mainly because of the weird factor it contains. You can also get this game via-reproduction which is cheaper than finding the pirate cart which usually goes for 30 plus but I could be wrong. You can play this game two player which will go great if you are high or drunk or both, I’m sure it’ll give you a good laugh. The music is also just out of this world, it’s like they change some notes of Mario songs to make it sound different. I have a theory about this game, it was made to be mario kart for the NES but they must have gone through some programing problems and what’s the cheapest alternative? To use the crappy fighting engine other games such as Master Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat use and you have a “new” game.

Nokonoko says buy my pirate or Mari will beat me!

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