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Super Bros 8 (FC)

Super Bros 8 - Title Screen

The main point of this is obviously to give the word out on some of the more interesting pirates or hacks out there. There are just so many out there that it’s impossible to keep their numbers. Who knows how many pirates are out there, we’ll never know for sure.

Super Bros 8 - Gameplay Screenshot

So this week we have Super Bros 8 for the Famicom/NES consoles. The game is actually a hack of Don Doko Don 2. The game has been hacked to look similar to a Mario game and how so? Well all you had to do was Hack the title screen to show Mario in it instead of that little old guy and of course the character’s sprite. Overall, it’s a great game! Playing as Mario in an unknown world is typical for a Mario game (Just check Mario 2 for the NES) And something tells me this would have made a better Mario game if it would have been one to begin with. We gotta thank the pirates for releasing this one for sure. It is after all my favorite pirate cart out there.

Super Bros 8 - Gameplay Screenshot 1
The game is quite simple. You are Mario and you have a hammer so what must you do? Beat every enemy up by hammering them to their deaths. You are also able to pick up power ups to give your hammer powers as well as to help you jump higher. The levels are very entertaining and the music score is exquisite. You can’t go wrong with this game!

If you are able to pick this game up, lucky you as it’s not that common. For those of you that want to play it emulator style, well here you go. I’ll hook you up with therom.

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One thought on “Super Bros 8 (FC)

  • Wow, this Mario ripoff looks pretty whack. Reminds me of Wonderboy vs Monsterland for some reason.

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