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Michal Gledala: Global Fun

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Name: Michał Ględała

Company: GlobalFun AB

Profession: EMEA Account Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Football Manager series

Quote: I am a football fan and I always liked Football Manager type of games. I am excited whenever a new edition is coming out, so I can check what has been improved and how to be a better manager J

Some people think it is crazy to just look at the stats, clicking on numbers and watching 22 small round dots flying around the screen, but for me it is pure fun. It is a great feeling to start a career as a manager of your favorite club, and build your squad the way you want. I can spend hours on looking for players and staff that can help my team to win the league and go far in the European competition. This is the most exciting part of the game, when you build your squad and then wait for the first season game, to see if your decisions were good.  Some people think there is nothing exciting about a game like that, but they don’t know how it is to score a winning goal in 93rd minute of the very important game or to tell your players during halftime, that they need to win the game for their supporters although they are losing 2-0. Once the game ends and your team wins, you are delighted J You can then read in the newspaper that your motivation speech helped your players to believe in success.  It is also funny how you try to lie to yourself while playing the game. You want to stop playing the game, but then oh, a derby match, oh new transfer available, oh I will just change my tactics for this game… and you realize it’s been 4 hours since you told yourself to quit the game J I love it and hate it at the same time, telling myself, that this time I will play only couple of games… If you ever dreamt of being a Football Manager, you should definitely try Football Manager series.. By the way, new one is coming out very soon, so I need to keep my eyes opened.

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