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I think it should be pretty simple, when you say you talk white the term “talk white” 99% of the time means proper English and when you say someone is acting black 99% of the time they mean it in a negative way. Just because black people use and accept this doesn’t make it ok. I personally know many black people who have a defeatist attitude and for the most part look down on themselves.

I am black and I can speak as well as anyone else, people would say I talk white and when I asked them what that meant they said it meant speaking proper or good English then I asked them what does talking black mean and they got quiet.

People especially now a days like to pretend that anything PC is bad because PC has been over done, people also like to pretend that words shouldn’t mean anything but they do and just because a black guy may say I don’t mind being called the “N” word that doesn’t make it right.

You ask people what it means to act ghetto most will say acting black when you ask them what does it mean to act black they don’t want to answer. What this means is they know they are making derogatory comments about blacks, but if they never use the word black or African American then they can pretend they are not saying something negative.

I am also shocked that people are so surprised over the why some black people call each other the “N” word; it is not that hard to figure out. You ever see someone get extremely pissed if you make a joke about someone’s mother while others will fire off mother jokes like it doesn’t matter?

The same thing applies to the “N” word, it’s wrong to use no matter how you try to spin it but some just have more respect for themselves than others and some understand the origins of the word and how it really can affect people and they will not use it even in jest. Either way you would never use a mother joke on a stranger would you? Maybe you can get away with saying a mother joke to a friend but try it on a stranger and you will most likely end up in a fight.

We can all sit here and pretend that caring about words and labels are silly because only our actions matter but we all know we don’t live in that world yet. It does matter, when you have the word wigger openly used you are one letter away from saying the “N” word and no spin can change that fact. If you really believe that black people are the “N” word then go ahead and call a white person who “act’s black” a wigger. You may not agree but if you are ever in doubt use the mathematic formula.

If wigger = white person acting black then w = white and igger = acting black, since we all know igger is The “N” word then the “N” word = acting black so black = the “N” word. So every time you say wigger you are saying all blacks are the “N” word it’s plain and simple.

I can see that by reading what I wrote it may seam like I think everyone is racist but that is far from the case. My main point is that people should care about their words and really understand them before saying them.

This goes for all races, as I said I grew up with Blacks, whites and Hispanic people and have seen what it is like on those three sides and there is racism on all three of those sides. But I to do not like to fire off calling people racist because just like calling people Hitler its over used and often people don’t really understand what they are saying.

Labels and stereotypes go hand in hand it’s true when I hung with my black friends most of the time we played basketball and football but it wasn’t only blacks around, also each group had their own slang.

Even in Spanish there are different dialects and often a Cuban person will think a Mexican person’s Spanish is slang and theirs is correct and a person from Puerto Rico will think a Cuban’s way of speaking Spanish is slang.

The thing is there is a culture and a way of doing things that makes black people unique like all other races the problem is that some people take the wrong aspects and associate them saying it is black culture.

Speaking broken English is not black culture, neither is selling drugs, joining gangs and miss-treating women, every race/culture has done this, hip hop and its lifestyle is not the same as black culture just as surfing and skateboarding is not white culture.

People will watch a rap video and since most rap is performed by blacks they believe that rap is black culture but they are wrong, being “hip hop” is not being black, black people can choose to act “hip hop” but they are not born that way.

This is where the problem with labels come in, you see someone living in a project and they get on T.V. and they say they love it, and that they sell drugs and drive in pimped out cars and pimp hoes and they say that’s living ghetto.

So that impression is made since the man who said all this is black that acting ghetto is acting like the man you saw saying all that. From there it grows until acting ghetto is acting black. That’s where the problem comes in.

So later you see someone driving down the street in a pimped out car and you say “Man that is ghetto” and you think you said nothing wrong but you know that people equate ghetto with black so you just said something negative towards all blacks not just the person in the car.

The same with the word wigger, you see someone rapping and dressing in the “hip hop” style and you say he is a wigger. You think you really didn’t say anything bad, you may even think you are defending “hip hop” saying that white people shouldn’t be able to be “hip hop” but that is incorrect.

“Hip hop” is not only for black people it is for everyone, I listen to rock music and video game music and have even dressed the part, but when I went to a disturbed concert no one had a label for a black person who like to dress and listen to rock music. Perhaps they might have called me alternative but that would be the most they would say.

I know that was long winded but I am trying to make it clear that its not a matter of you are a racist if you say these words but understand what those words and labels really mean and know what you are truly saying when you speak those words and ask yourself are you really saying something positive or negative.

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  • “I am black and I can speak as well as anyone else”
    I kinda wana be an @$$ and find any and all gramtical errors now…..

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