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James Whitehead: Boss Baddie

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Name: James Whitehead


Company: Boss Baddie


Profession: A little bit of everything


Favorite Classic Game: Turrican 2


Quote: No game has inspired me as much as this one. Most of my inspiration comes from sound and music, and as a 7 year old when I found this rummaging through my parents bedroom, it blew my mind when I first played it. The atmosphere isn’t dissimilar to Metroid – it’s just linear with vast, eventful levels. So obsessed with the game that my friends and I would play “Turrican” in the playground at junior school.


Those powerful initial feelings still sit with me.¬†The soundtrack to both Turrican 1 and 2 are some of the most played albums on my iPod.¬†Elements of Turrican can be found in Satan Sam, Lunnye, Wake. There are even direct references and cameos in our “metroidvania” project; Tormishire.


I believe the series went downhill after the first 2 games as the games beyond this point lost their edge and creativity.

Bio: Boss Baddie is Alex and I. We’ve known each other for years and have collaborated on a few projects in the past starting with Madventures of the Love Rockets – an unfinished RPG set in a “League of Gentlemen” style world.


Project: Big Sky


Project info: I’m wrapping up development on this title so I guess it’s a little late to talk about it. It’s a side-scrolling, dual analogue shooter with some unique mechanics. I’ve been wanting to create a project like this for 9 months now and this is the end result of a lot of concept testing. It’s currently PC-only but if there’s enough demand I’ll look into porting it to other platforms.

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