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Ever play the game twenty questions? In an effort to bring you more information on games and the companies and people behind them Obsolete Gamer will be bringing you a new weekly series called Ten Questions.

The feature will work the way it sounds. We will ask various people in the gaming industry ten questions about their company, current projects and gaming background. This week Obsolete Gamer had a chat with Aaron Hunter, lead designer for Starport.

Playtechtonics Bio: Playtechtonics is an independent game development studio located in Austin, TX.

Can you tell us about your personal gaming history and experience?

Aaron Hunter: I started games as a kid with an Apple 2e computer. I began learning programming languages before high school and kept up with it as a personal hobby since then. I’ve worked for a number of large game developers including Microsoft, Acclaim, and others.

Can you tell us about Playtechtonics?

Aaron Hunter: Playtechtonics is a small development company headed by Aaron Hunter, a programmer and designer.

How did you begin with Playtechtonics?

Aaron Hunter: Playtechtonics began in 2001 as a way to break out of the box being defined by corporate game developers and pursue new concepts in game development, particularly the MMO.

Since it is a gaming company can you tell us about the day to day of working at a company that makes games?

Aaron Hunter: Day to day it can be tough to apply yourself to the abstract task of arranging code and graphics and testing it. You have to have discipline and drive. The nice part is you have room to shine creatively.

What are the challenges and benefits of being a maker of independent games?

Aaron Hunter: The challenges are that you can’t get all the graphics and content you want in as fast as the big guys. The advantage is you can do what you want regardless of corporate opinions.

Tell us about Starport Galactic Empires?

Aaron Hunter: Starport: Galactic Empires is action and role-playing MMO featuring player vs. player competition, spaceship combat, and empire building.

Why make it a free MMO?

Aaron Hunter: A free MMO is preferable to a subscription based one because it puts less of a barrier between you and your customers and that allows trust to build between the two.

Do you think games like yours offering a fun MMO experience without the cost could be the future of online gaming?

Aaron Hunter: Yes.

What future additions to Starport are you hoping to add?

Aaron Hunter: We are adding new graphics, new toys, and new galaxies.

When you are not working what games do you currently play?

Aaron Hunter: I normally play speed chess.

You can also check out the Wiki page for Starport.

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  • Starport is a pretty fun free MMO with a lot of influence from games like Star Control 2.

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