GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

Constructor cover
Constructor cover

GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

This weekend, until Monday May 10 at noon, Good Old Games is offering all their Kalypso god-game simulators on sale.

Constructor involves you being a construction company that builds houses and rents them out to different kinds of people. You must meet their needy demands while maintaining the buildings, building more houses and properties, and keeping your enemies from building all your stuff to the ground. A very hard and fun strategy game!

The Good Old Games version includes the manual.

Click here just for Constructor.

Creatures: The Albian Years is a huge compilation of the game Creatures. Creatures involves the exploration of a world and the caring of different creatures that you manipulate.

The Good Old Games version includes Creatures, Creatures: Life Kit 1, Creatures: Life Kit 2, Creatures 2 and Creatures 2: Life Kit 1, Object Packs: C1 Christmas Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 2, C1 Christmas Pack 2, C2 Object Pack 1 and C2 Object Pack 2.

Click here to go to the sale just for Creatures: The Albian Years.

Creatures: Village adds on to Creatures, adding new environments.

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and is a compilation of Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground.

Click here to go to the sale for Creatures: Village.

Creatures: Exodus is Creatures 3 mixed with the Docking Station expansion. It’s like the previous Creatures games but with a science fiction twist to it.

The Good Old Games version includes the Creatures 3 walkthrough, manuals (66 pages), and reference cards.

The link to the sale for Creatures: Exodus is this one.

Mob Rule is supposed to the the sequel to Constructor but it’s also much, much harder. (As if Constructor wasn’t hard enough as it is.) If you need more of a challenge, check it out. (It will hurt!)

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and the in-game soundtrack.

Click here for the sale of Mob Rule only.


If you want to see the overall sale of these games and the savings tabulated, click here!

I enjoy that they sell these games cheaper on the weekends when most working people have time to play. 😀

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