The Gift of Giving

giving a gift box
giving a gift box

The Gift of Giving

Something about Christmas brings out the good in all of us, encouraging us to help others that are less fortunate than others.  Sometimes, we are the ones that receive the help.

This year,, and are reaching out to you to give to a family in need.

Imagine loosing everything you had in a fire.  Imagine the Christmas tree, presents, keepsakes, mementos, clothes, gone a  little more than a week before Christmas.  Your five member family made it out of the home with their lives and only the clothes on their back.  This is what happened to the Conley Family of Flint, Mich., this past weekend.

Their 4-year-old son, Rylee, lost his Nintendo 64 and Donkey Kong game in the fire, a game he absolutely loved playing with his family.

The Conley children, Riley, age 4, center
The Conley children, Riley, age 4, center

Seeing as it’s Christmas, all of us at the above mentioned sites want to reach out and help this family and provide them with a gift for their son.  So our sites have teamed up in an effort to reach out to our readers during Christmas time to acquire the following items for the family before Christmas:

  • Limited Edition Wii (The 25th Edition Red One)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii
  • 3 Wiimote + Chuk bundles
  • Wii Charge Station Quad

Our goal: To raise at minimum $500 before Dec. 22 to purchase and deliver these items before Christmas to this family.

To make a donation towards the purchase of these items, please click here.

Conley family photo
Conley family photo

Once the purchases have been made, I will scan copies of the receipts as well as take pictures of the boxes etc. being shipped to the family.  I will also be trying to contact a local group up there to perhaps have them deliver it and get pictures to show the family receiving it.

Personally, I’d like to raise up to $1,000 so the family can have the gifts and extra cash in this time of need.

Donations for this Christmas gift are being made to my Paypal account.  I have been a verified Paypal User for many years.  In addition, I also have a Paypal Debit card, which will allow me to easily access and purchase the items without any transfer delays.  My past history with donations for causes is well known.  If anyone questions my integrity, please feel free to follow up with the Sara Routh family who received the money donation to bring Sara home for the Big Bang event this summer.  You can see this here for more info.

Other Donations are being sought and accepted as well.  If you do not want to donate through us, you can read the following and donate directly to the family.  Below is a request from a family member for the Conley Family:

Please HELP! My aunt’s house burned down today! They lost everything in a fire!!

Sizes: boys 4t or 5t, women XL top, 14 pants, womens size 5 & 2, & mens Pants: 28-30 Shirt: small/medium. Please send donations to:
Laurie and Ryan Conley
c/o Don Sorensen
3354 Lynne Ave.
Flint, MI 48506.

Thank you!!!

Please help this family to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year despite this tragedy.

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