Dragon Warrior III

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Dragon Warrior III

This is definitely my favorite Dragon Warrior for the NES. Apart from the introductory Dragon Warrior for the same console, Dragon Warrior 3 introduces different ways to play the game. One of the neatest ways is the option to build up your ultimate team. You can change the characters of your team to your liking and therefore have a dream team! Well, wouldn’t call it a dream team since you will be trying a lot of different characters before you find the one of your liking. Your dream team could be different from every other players dream team. For myself, I would pick all fighters and one mage just to heal but then again there are some monsters that are weak against spells and strong against hits so there goes that idea. I would probably pick two fighters, one healer, and one offensive magic user. It’s just like in FF for the NES, it worked great all the way to the end.

Dragon Warrior 3 Gameplay Screenshot


Dragon Warrior 3 is just one of the best RPGs for the NES period. I personally liked it better than part four and more so than part 2. I don’t think the first one counts as it’s more of an introduction to the genre. The graphics of the game are your typical Dragon Warrior for the NES graphics and the music delivers the same Dragon Warrior feel. Old RPG fans will be in heaven with the complexity this game can accomplish. The quest also keeps you involved in the game and makes you want to come back for more. As for price range, this game goes in the 20-30s depending on condition and if it comes with that damn NES box.


Overall, Dragon Warrior 3 is a must have for an RPG collection especially if you are trying to find those old NES titles. You won’t be disappointed I guarantee it!

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  • I always found the Dragon Warrior series to be a classic RPG series for NES much like Wizardry, Might and Magic, and Bard’s Tale were for computers.

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