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Derek Coleman’s quest to save the planet.

BEEP “FET Helpdesk, Derek speaking can I take you staff ID or Reference Number” “Yes, sorry about the delay, it’s a bit hectic this morning, can I take your Staff ID or Refe………Technically speaking you don’t actually pay for this………..I understand your frustration, but if you can give me your Staff ID or reference I can qui………..You can’t open Word, right, OK, can I have your name so I can log this…….You click on the shortcut and excel opens, well it sounds like shortcut is pointing to the wrong EXE, we should be able to fix that quickly, if you could give me your Staff ID I can be………..Sir, I need a staff ID so I can start logging the call………..right, its fixed itself, OK, well I still need your staff ID so I can log……………its for statistics…….you’ve gone. Great”

BEEP “FET Helpdesk, Derek speaking if you can bear with me a moment I just need to finish logging the last call………….thanks but if you can give me you staf ID again in a moment I just need to………….problem with laptop………if I could just finish this las………..numbers instead of letters, try pressing the function key and numlock and if you could bear with me I’ll just finish the last…….”

BEEP “FET Helpdesk, Derek speaking” And so Derek’s day progress’s, willing the clock to move faster, his mind constantly flicking between the mundane of his job and the astonishing white hot idea that will become his destiny.

Finally, what feels like 67 hours later Derek’s shift ends. He diligently logs out of his phone, logs off his computer and heads towards the exit.

“Mr. Coleman“ Brian Kent, Derek’s team leader, “A brief word if you don’t mind”. Derek sighed “can this wait till tomorrow Brian? I’m meeting somebody”. Brian nodded “Yes, no problem Mr. Coleman, it’s just about personal call’s it can wait” Derek mind raced through the possibilities, he had made the call to Dave this morning, and he knew Brian monitored random calls, indeed he seldom did anything else, but he had seen Brian away from his desk when he made his 10 second call.. he could not have heard, it must be about the call to the bank he made yesterday, it must of shown up on the logs, no problem, a 30 second Kenting and he would be out of here. “Oh yeah, yesterday, I needed to ring my bank, I did it in my break, sorry about that” “had to ring again today, sorry” Derek added, pre-empting the inevitable follow up rollicking he would receive tomorrow when Brian would no doubt make a point of checking his logs.

“Its about today’s I’m interested in actually, the bank you say? Are sure? Do banks usually address there customers as Superman?”

Derek Coleman’s quest to save the planet is a weekly serial. Catch the next part next week

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