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I know I had to do this game eventually especially because of the differences it contains from the original. This game may be common as hell but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Just think of Super Mario Brothers when you think of some nice inexpensive fun. Anyways, if you are having trouble beating TMNT 2 for the NES then the Famicom pirate is the one for you. Not only do you get to start with extra lives 5-7 depending on the cart as there are various out there but you also have stronger turtles.

TMNT 2 Pirate Famicom

What I mean with stronger I mean that they have a strong flying kick that’ll destroy any foot soldier with just one hit so you’ll be able to defeat the foot soldiers and bosses with ease. The extra lives help a lot especially if you run into those annoying bad guys that just won’t stop coming at you. Some to mention are the robotic scorpions and the flying bug things. Those can really get to you especially if you time your attack wrong because you’ll keep flying off to the other side of the screen over and over. You can’t forget about the tigers that run at you although to be able to defeat them you’ll need to hit him and walk towards then hit the tiger again and again that way he won’t be able to get a chance to jump at you. Of course, you’ll run out of visible territory and will need to evade him to catch him on the other end. The game is filled with tactics you will need to think through before acting on them.


There is also the super move that each turtle has. They are all the same and as effective so it doesn’t matter which turtle you use, you’ll be alright with either one. There is an added movement that will work on the pirate which helps you hit both ways with the super move. it’s quite easy to do if you are quick with the d-pad. All you have to do is perform the super move and then as you are doing the move you’ll need to tap the d-pad to the other side of where your turtle is facing resulting in the double super move! Things like this makes you wonder if pirates really intended to leave this bug in there or if they were too lazy to take it out but I think I’ll go with the first one as the game was hacked to aide you into finishing it without cursing and throwing the controller out the window.

TMNT 2 pirate Famicom 2

Overall, many players from past and present have already played through this one probably more than once but it’s always nice to come back for more so this game will help you out with it especially if you are past your prime(like me) And just want to enjoy the great beat em up style gameplay that was king in the late 80s early 90s. Sadly, I can’t seem to find this game in rom format so no rom until further notice. Thank you for reading and I’ll cya next week! Cowabunga!

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