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Save the Egg

Save the Egg - Android - Mobile Games - Gameplay Screenshot

At first glance, the simple graphics of Save the Egg make it seem like a simplistic child’s game.  Indeed, the cartoonish quality of the graphics could possibly make many pass over this game, deeming it not worthy of their time. The graphics, however, belie the truly complex nature of the game and the sometimes frustrating difficulty of the levels.  If anything, the graphics allow you to focus on the puzzles without additional distraction.

Save the Egg - Android - Mobile Games - Gameplay Screenshot

And concentration you will definitely need. The premise of the game is simple. You use wood and/or “rubber” planks to guide/bounce an egg safely to the ground or to a nest. There is a bit of room for error in that it will crack a couple times before breaking if it makes a small drop. After the first couple of levels, expect the difficulty of each level to increase significantly. Realistic physics make for interesting gameplay.  I did enjoy the fact that there’s no specific way to beat any given level, unlike some other games that require you to figure out the developer’s sequence or arrangement to be able to succeed.  This allows for great replayability in trying to develop simpler (or more intricate) ways to complete each level.

Save the Egg - Android - Mobile Games - Gameplay Screenshot

Gameplay is linear, advancing from level to level, although like other games in this genre, you can replay levels already cleared to improve score (1-3 eggs).  Level design is straightforward, although it can become a bit tedious. This is where the graphics become a double edged sword, in that while there are few distractions, there’s also not much to break up the monotony of the levels. Also, something that can be very frustrating is an occasional lack of consistency. On a particular level for example, there is a need to bounce the egg up from platform to platform. In trying to determine the best angles to do so, I would often set up my design and then run it 2-3 times to see where the egg hits and where adjustments need to be made. To my dismay I found that the exact same setup, not adjusted in any way, would behave differently each time, even though the designed set up resets to my original design on replay.  Neither of these issues is truly a gamebreaker however.

On a separate note, this game had an issue with the auto-save function when I first installed it. I spoke to support at Polyclef and they were very responsive, acknowledging that they had seen this issue across different devices, but no real rhyme or reason or particular commonality between devices affected. Once an update/patch was developed for it, they were quick to issue the new release, and even followed up with me to ensure I had received it. Which is the reason that while I give the game a solid 8 out of 10, I give Polyclef Software support a 10 out of 10.

Overall, great little game to play. Definitely a refreshing departure from the Angry Birds style games, with enough challenge to keep you coming back for more!

Download the full version of ‘Save The Egg’ In the Android™ Market from here:

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