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Street Fighter 2


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Street Fighter 2

This one should be interesting for many of you and I’m sure you have come across it at some point while playing your NES emulator. Street Fighter 2 for the Famicom is an attempt at making a fighter for a limited console. Don’t get me wrong, the developers have managed a good attempt of a very revolutionary game, but this is far from revolutionary. The Famicom/NES did had its great share of fighters such as TMNT Tournament Fighter and Joy Mecha Fight but it takes more to make a decent fighter and Street Fighter 2 for the Famicom is far from it.

Street Fighter II - The World Warrior - Bootleg - Gameplay Screenshot

Street Fighter 2 for the Famicom is a very crappy attempt at mimicking a legendary game. The game does bring less fighter than the original, I’m guessing the producers must have either ran out of room or ran out of patience to even continue further. The gameplay is brutal as for some reason there is a magnet in each player which doesn’t attract each other but rather pushes them away(Talk about negative), you can’t seem to be able to stay near your opponent to corner and beat the hell out of him like in the original SNES release. The moves are also very tricky and tend to only work one out of three tries and even if you are able to pull them off, they aren’t that effective.

The game’s music is just awful and deserves the mute button. This is what you can expect from a pirate though. This one is an original pirate that got hacked to different other franchises. I’m sure there is a Mortal Kombat that is a clone of this game just with a different title screen and a better character select screen but I could be wrong. Overall, you will get a good laugh playing this game with a friend after a couple of beers. You can also pick this game up for a good price of around 5-10 usd so at least we can be happy it’s affordable. Be sure to download this awful game here and let me know if you find it appealing at all. I know for sure if you saw this in the stores you would have been all crazy about it, just imagine if it would have been an official Capcom release! We wouldn’t be so crazy about Street Fighter 4 as we are now but either way I don’t think Capcom would have allowed it. They did allowed a lot of awful Mega Man games ugh….until next week arrrr!

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2 thoughts on “Street Fighter 2

  • Wow!! That is ugly! I agree that it would be fun with a friend and some beers.

  • Yes sir, a lot of beers!

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