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Anna & Mazipan MWMMM – 16-04-08

Listen to under TWO HOURS of car crash radio LIVE from “Just one Kilburnetto” – Kilburn, London. Making it up as they go along and playing the best in never-heard-ever-type music, proper comedy chat, weird noises and more bickering about toast, tea, biscuits and raspberry flan…

Today Anna and Mazipan are in the studio by the wonderful LUKASZ from the LGBT Mosaic Youth Project MosaicYouth is a project in Brent exclusive to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people, as well as those who are questioning their gender or sexual identity.

The signedphotograph of Arthur Bostrom is happy with his washing machine…

There is also the usual plate of chips and HILARIOUS very odd songs MADE UP BEFORE your EARS, HAPPY JOLLY NEWS from NICE PEOPLE, QUIZ of the WEEK, the world famous TOP FIVE RANDOM THINGS, and much much more…

ENJOY, it’ll make you want to touch a cactus dripping in varnish.. x

Funny fella


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