Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

Wrecking Crew

Another title for the books! Wrecking Crew is a simple game that keeps repeating and repeating over and over. The game consists of Merio which is trying to destroy buildings and such. There is this dude called Werio that won’t let him do it, in fact he is trying to hammer his ass to prevent him from wrecking everything(must be an environmentalist). Your main objective as Merio is to well wreck everything but along the way you have to deal with Werio and some fish with legs that try to kick your ass. The worst part of this game is that you can’t jump! I guess the hammer must be too heavy for Merio to jump with.

Wrecking Crew - NES - Gameplay Screenshot
The game is fun at some parts especially when you take in play the domino factor. If you hit the right object, you will make everything along the way blow up! Isn’t that what wrecking as all about? Either way you put it, the game gets a little frustrating later on, but it’s ok, you can try as many times as you want in order to conquer your wrecking urges. This game was part of the “black box” NES releases which means it’s pretty generic, so don’t expect much from it.
One of the reasons I picked this title as a retro game of the week is because this game shows that it doesn’t have to be great to have a little fun. With the flaws it may have, and the difficulty it may provide, you can still have a great time with it. Just don’t let Werio hit you with the hammer or the wieners will get you.


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