World of Tanks 8.2 Review

World of Tanks 8.2

Let’s go over the highlights of this new build for World of Tanks.

New Regular Tanks:

The first thing you will notice is that 5 new American tanks have been added, leading off from the M7 (Tier 5 Medium tank). The new tanks are the T21 (Tier 6 Light tank), the T71 (Tier 7 Light tank), the T69 (Tier 8 Medium tank), the T54E1 (Tier 9 Medium tank), and the T57 Heavy (Tier 10 Heavy tank). All the new tanks have an Auto-Loader, which makes them be a lot like the French tanks. The armor on these new American tanks has been reported to be low so you will basically be playing them a lot as if you were playing French tanks.

You can see this video to learn more details about the new American tanks:

The T21 plays a lot like the Chaffee. The T71 is comparable to playing the AMX13 75. The T69 is mainly played as a support tank so don’t play it like as if you are Rambo. The T54E1 is a lot like the Patton except weaker and is more of a support tank. The T57 Heavy has the advantages of having slanted armor and a gun comparable to the AMX 50B that reloads faster as well as being more accurate. The low armor of the T57 will make you play as if you are playing a French Heavy tank.

Game Engine Update:

As far as performance of the game goes, the draw distance has been increased so that you better see your opponents.

Trees and bushes are rendered better giving us a yield in improved performance, all things being equal.

Game Mechanics & Interface Changes:

Fallen trees now provide partial cover.

Whenever you have a module damaged (red) and your crew is repairing it, now you see a progress diagram showing the proportion that has been fixed. This looks like a cooldown button for most typical MMORPG games.

The Tech Tree will now show you per tank how much more XP and Credits you need to earn to unlock another module or tank from the Tech Tree.

Map Modifications:

4 maps were remade to make them more fun, challenging, and to better take advantage of the physics engine introduced in 8.0.

Prokhorovka (the map with the yellow grass, tree line in the west, train in the middle east, hill in the south-east) has been reworked a lot and now includes bumps and hills in the main field. The west tree alley has been changed in that the amount of bushes in it has been decreased so it’s harder to hide there now. The island in the north-east corner of the map has been reworked so that now you can enter it from either the west or south side of it. The south-east mountain has been modified in that it now has a more downward slope.

Erlenberg (the cold map with hills on either side, a ruined town in the middle with a river) has changed in some ways as well. Rocks have been added to parts of the mountains. A house was added to the field as well, providing better cover.

Ruinberg (the huge city map with the train tracks in the west, open park in the middle, and the hill of death in the east) has been altered making more of the city now being in ruins. The alley part of the map has had the cover lowered dramatically.

Redshire (green map with two hills that can shoot each other, most people usually attack from the south-west part of the map) is altered as they have removed rock cover from the mountains. The river also has become harder to cross now.

Premium Tanks:

Three new premium tanks have been added: the TOG 2 (Tier 6 British Heavy tank), the AT-15A (Tier 7 British Tank Destroyer), and the FCM 50(t) (Tier 8 French Heavy tank).

You can learn about the three new premium tanks in this video:

The TOG 2 is HUGE, is slow as hell, has a ton of hitpoints, the armor is awful, and its gun is accurate as hell as well as it being able to fire quickly. The AT-15A has insane front armor, a highly accurate gun with a great angle of attack, but it is rather slow. The FCM 50(t) play a lot like a medium tank being very fast and has a gun with a high rate of fire. It’s disadvantages is that it is big and has poor armor.

New Achievements:

Lucky is awarded when a team mate dies within 10 meters of you by an enemy vehicle.

Cool-Headed is awarded when you receive 10 ricochets and non-penetration shots from enemies in a row and survive the battle.

Spartan is awarded when your vehicle has less than 10% hit points, get shot by an enemy having the shot ricochet or non-penetrate, and you must survive the battle.

Ranger is awarded for detroying all of the enemies light tanks so long as there are at least 3 enemy light tanks in play.

Patton Valley is awarded for detroying at least 100 Patton and/or M48A1 tanks.

Where are the Chinese Tanks in WoT 8.2???

They were deemed overpowered in the 8.2 Beta testing so they will be rebalanced and will come out instead in the 8.3 update! Be patient!!!

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