How To Get Points In Naval Battles In World of Warships Guide

It is quite easy to get points in Naval Battles in World of Warships; it is simply a matter of looking at the Naval Battles Chart and doing the country/class combination that is the easiest to achieve. For the picture above, the requirement for this particular week’s Naval Battle scoring is to get x amount of base XP. If it shows the stars, it is always Base XP (I will explain below what Base XP is, don’t worry) or sometimes if it shows ribbons it is medals / ribbons which usually means how many times you hit enemy ships or any other thing that is counted in the top right of the screen when you are in a battle. For Base XP, often Random Battles (red icon) are the best way to get Base XP and for ribbons it is often easiest to do bot battles (called Co-op Battle). Certain ships will be easier to get these things, depending on what you need. For Base XP, you simply have to play really good and try get the most Base XP. For ribbons, it’s easiest to play the Destroyer or Cruiser classes since they shoot the fastest and can hit enemy ships the most with their main cannon turrets.

I will explain what Base XP is now. Base XP is the XP in the Team Score summary screen as shown here:

In the picture above, I had gone for the 350 Base XP slot by playing USSR destroyer. As I got 809 Base XP, that is higher than 350 Base XP, I got a Star (point) for my clan for that country/class and it is now updated on the chart. The tier of the ship does not matter so long as you meet the requirement.

Let’s go back and look at the big chart:

At a glance we can see that there are two slots left for 350 Base XP (for Japan and USA destroyers, the rest of the destroyers need at least a minimum of 1100 Base XP in order to count as a point (Star) towards your clan to win Naval Battle. In this chart, all Submarines would require 1100 Base XP or higher to get another Star/Point. In this chart, the Aircraft Carrier (CV) would need 350 Base XP or higher to get a Star/Point. The final thing I would like to say about the chart is that if you see two swords crossed by a country/class, that means that somebody else in your clan is actively in a battle for that category. I recommend waiting and seeing if they score before attempting a run for that same country/class, just in case, because it is often easier to do the easier requirement battles first. Remember only total points/stars count, not how much of a high score you got (it does not earn more stars/points to do the harder ones!). Also, the Bonus x2 means that you will earn two points/stars for that category if you scored the requirement. Try to go for those first if you have the ship needed and it is an easy requirement!

It is really that simple. This is why I recommend playing every country and every class so you can help your clan progress and that in turn can help you save money on repairs, get bonus XP, make extra money per battle, etc.

I hope this helps and if you need further help, feel free to DM me in game: honorabili

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