Atari 2600

Weird Games: X-Man

X-Man Adult game

I don’t think Charles Xavier had this in mind when he created his school for gifted mutants, but then again, I guess if you can run naked through a maze avoiding teeth and scissors that could be considered at least, a special ability. In a nutshell (pun intended) that is what X-Man for the Atari 2600 is all about.

X-Man Adult game

Released by Gamex in 1983, in this adult game, you play a naked guy with a non-Viagra induced hard on, who has to navigate a maze while avoiding all the dangers that keep our manhood not up at night. These dangers include the dreaded teeth, crabs and scissors. When you finally make it to the room you enter a bonus round where you earn points by having as much sex with the woman as you can in the time allowed.

This is about as close to a summary of what young men are in game form as we will ever get. Seriously, even the cover is perfect.

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